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Ruth Langsford’s Sight Restored With Revolutionary Lens Replacement Surgery

Television presenter, Ruth Langsford, has had her sight restored and no longer needs to use glasses or contact lenses thanks to revolutionary lens replacement surgery, it was announced today.

Ruth, 52, describes the experience as ‘liberating and life-changing’ and urges people to look into the procedure which also prevents getting cataracts.

She explains: “Life before the surgery was very irritating and frustrating. It was particularly difficult at work if I had to readjust from reading auto cue or interviewing guests to checking facts on my notes. I would have to have my glasses to hand at all times, to put them on to read my notes and then take them off again.”

Having been told that she wasn’t suitable for laser eye surgery Ruth had given up all hope of life without glasses but then she met with the team at Optegra who offer Clarivu™ Total Vision Correction, which is an alternative to laser eye surgery for people over 50. It corrects both long and short-sightedness and prevents cataracts in one simple, permanent lens replacement procedure.

Ideal for the over 50’s, where laser eye surgery becomes less suitable to correct refractive errors (such as long and short-sightedness and astigmatism), Clarivu can give freedom from glasses and contacts in one simple, permanent lens replacement procedure.

Clarivu is Optegra’s exclusive refractive lens exchange (RLE), a procedure that involves a surgeon replacing the eye’s natural lens with a new, permanent, and technically advanced Intra Ocular Lens (IOL). This provides the additional focusing power previously provided by glasses or contact lenses for both distance and reading.

Ruth continued: “My sight with contact lenses just wasn’t sharp enough, so I used to mark up my scripts wearing glasses and then I’d put my lenses in for the show – but it was always a relief to take them out afterwards.  In fact, after my consultation with Optegra, they said I had dry eyes which is very common apparently and would probably get worse. The surgeon, Mr Morris, also explained to me that I would never get cataracts with this procedure as Clarivu is an advanced form of cataract prevention surgery.”

The procedure itself took 15 minutes per eye in two separate sessions four days apart. Her eyes were kept open with a specially designed device.

She said: “The device didn’t hurt at all, or pinch or feel heavy; and before I knew it the procedure was completed. The operation is completely pain free – you’re obviously aware that something goes on, but I really didn’t feel a thing. I was in and out within two hours (with pre and post op checks) and apart from using some anaesthetic drops for a few days afterwards it really was that straightforward.

“The freedom from wearing glasses is amazing. When I used to leave the house my main priority would be glasses above wallet or keys but now I just grab my bag and off I go. I don’t even think about it anymore.”

Mr Rob Morris, Medical Director at Optegra, explained: “We’re so pleased that Ruth is delighted with the result. Clarivu is a proven procedure which has been performed thousands of times and is a technically advanced and sophisticated development of cataract surgery; the world’s most frequently performed surgical procedure.

“The technically advanced synthetic Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) replaces the eye’s natural crystalline lens. The main role of the IOL is to focus light onto the back of the eye just as a natural, healthy eye lens would. From here, the light rays are converted into electrical impulses that travel to the brain, where they are then converted into images. If the light isn’t focused correctly on the back of the eye, the brain cannot process the images accurately.”

Clarivu™ is available exclusively from Optegra specialist eye hospital group.

Read Ruth’s story in the Daily Mail

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