Alison - Healthcare Technician

I love my patients and I get a lot of job satisfaction from being able to see patients through their procedures, from preparation to theatre to discharge.

Location: Optegra Solent Eye Hospital

Alison Healthcare Technician1. What key tasks and responsibilities does your job involve?
I prepare and discharge our patients for theatre for any procedure we do at Solent. There is massive variation in what I do. Once I was confident with prep and discharge, I was encouraged to learn the diagnostics side. I have learned to do eye tests and use some of the equipment for consultations. It is one of my objectives this year to train to become a theatre runner which is great as it gives Optegra flexibility with staffing and also means I never get bored – there is always something new to learn.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?
It is really varied and always busy. There is always something to do.

I love the staff I work with – they are a really cohesive and excellent group of people. We tend to have a philosophy that if there is a problem, we talk about it and sort it out. It is generally a very positive environment.

I love my patients and I get a lot of job satisfaction from being able to see patients through their procedures, from preparation to theatre to discharge – the continuity is there.

3. What do you enjoy about working for Optegra in general?
A lot of positive energy comes from Optegra. I like the way the company communicates with us through a variety of means such as the newsletter and email. You get a sense you belong to something – that you are a part of it.

I also think we work in a really lovely environment – it is well designed, pleasant and it works well with the groups of patients that we have here.

4. How would you describe the working culture at Optegra?
It is generally a very positive and energetic workforce that works collaboratively.

5. What, if anything, positively differentiates Optegra as an employer from other places you have worked previously?
Where I worked previously I didn’t always feel as much of a sense of belonging. At Optegra you are part of something that is not so vast and impersonal.

6. What has surprised you most about Optegra since you joined?
I had no idea that there was a fully functioning hospital in the site that it is in – it is hard to believe sometimes what goes on here.

I have been surprised at how much I feel part of Optegra as an organisation – I didn’t expect to feel this, but I do. I have enjoyed having opportunities to meet Optegra colleagues at other sites which is fantastic. I have been to the Birmingham hospital to help out, and if I worked here full time I am sure I would have the opportunities to be able to go and work at other sites too if they needed me, maybe Guildford or London. I imagine if I was relocating somewhere I get the impression that Optegra would try their best to accommodate me at another site if they could.

7. How would you describe your team and colleagues where you work?
I can’t tell you how helpful my manager and colleagues have been in helping me to accommodate my family time – I always try to help where I can and so they respect my time and I respect Optegra’s needs too. I think I manage this well as I know what I need and what they need too. In my experience that has been fantastic.

A brilliant bunch of people, and I consider them my friends. I have not met a bad person here, everyone has been fantastic and there is a nice social side – an element of working hard and playing hard.

8. What are you most proud of about what you do at Optegra?
Every day I am proud of what I do on a day to day basis and people seem happy with what I have done. I work hard, and I get a real sense of great job satisfaction. I have had the opportunity to be able to make changes if there were some things that I felt could be done slightly better, and I have been able to propose things that have been accepted. The opportunities are available here if you look for them.

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