Life Changing!

I have now had my 'new eyes' for 4 years. What a difference it makes .

I have now had my 'new eyes' for 4 years. What a difference it makes . while all my friends are scrabbling for specs or squinting at menus on our Girls night out I am the only one that can read them with ease - even the tiny print !! What has triggered me to write this review 4 years on you may ask ? Two reasons . I recently developed a capsule on one of my lens. This needed attention which was dealt with literally in minutes . the whole process dealt with by Eileen and Mr Rehman and their efficient professional and friendly manner. I had also been aware at the beginning of the process the was an easily remedied possible side effect . However what it did do was highlight how much I had taken for granted how my much new lens replacements had enhanced my life . No looking for specs every 5 minutes no travelling on holiday with contact lenses and fluids and prescription sun specs etc . An added bonus whilst I initially was very aware it was a significant cost of having clarivue lenses what I have already saved in not purchasing specs and contacts has already paid for half the original cost.
For any that like my were quite concerned about the actual procedure I can guarantee that for me it was fast absolutely pain free ( although a strange experience ) and instant results !! my only regret not having them done sooner!

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