How to quickly check if laser refractive surgery is the right treatment for you

Laser refractive surgery is one of the most popular and common procedures that is carried out electively in today’s modern world. The promise of clearer and stronger sight means that patients are keen to pursue this relatively low cost remedy for a wide variety of vision ranges. The procedure allows patients to be free from needing glasses or contact lenses with a very low complication risk of less than 4%. Our world class ophthalmic surgeons are recognised as being amongst the best respected and talented practitioners in this field and are all fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. We take exceptional levels of care to ensure that all patients understand the procedure and recognise the suitability of this treatment for their individual needs.


 What is laser refractive surgery?
Put simply, laser refractive surgery uses a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea, which strengthens its focussing power and leads to clearer vision for the patient. Through the use of the most advanced equipment, coupled with renowned ophthalmologists and expert pre-operative care, our range of laser eye treatments means that we are at the forefront of this revolutionary treatment for vision and our patients can rest assured that they are being cared for by the most reliable and expert professionals in this field.
Your thorough preoperative assessment with a specialist will allow you the opportunity to discuss any specific concerns and evaluate your suitability for laser eye treatment. The Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon will explain the procedure in full, assess your health and answer any questions that you might have, allowing you to be sure that you are electing to undergo laser eye treatment with knowledge and confidence.
Is laser refractive surgery right for me?
Laser refractive surgery is not an ideal treatment for all patients and more suitable options are available for some. For patients who wear glasses to assist with reading or whose prescription is significantly strong, this treatment may not be the optimum option for them. To determine your suitability for laser refractive surgery, there will be a number of considerations that you make, alongside a detailed examination and consultation with one of our expert eye specialists. Some of the preoperative necessities that must be observed before we will consider completing laser refractive surgery on you include:

  • Minimum of 21 years old

  • No ongoing eye diseases that may be worsened by surgery

  • General overall health and acceptable levels of eye health

  • Prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses should have been in place and stable for a few years prior to this treatment being confirmed as suitable.

There are some conditions you may suffer from that will mean that laser refractive surgery is not suitable for you. The following list of illnesses details common reasons for a patient to find that this is not the right treatment for them:

  • Diabetes - Unless fully controlled and stable

  • Glaucoma - Unless fully controlled and stable

  • Dry eyes - If a patient suffers from dry eyes, the severity of their condition may impede on the effectiveness of this treatment and so a full assessment will determine the suitability of patients prior to surgery.

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding mothers - Mothers must have ceased weaning for at least three months prior to surgery.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Although our specialists will take great care and work closely with you to assess your suitability for the procedure and explain how laser eye treatment may be of benefit to you, it is wise to make a thorough individual analysis of your own suitability. You must be sure to feel comfortable and confident about the treatment in order to make sure you are relaxed and happy about your investment.
Why choose Optegra for laser eye treatment?
At Optegra, we recognise that laser eye surgery may feel like a daunting, albeit rewarding, treatment for those with vision complaints. We assess each patient with thorough and understandable efforts to make sure that those who elect this treatment do so with full knowledge and confidence.
We pride ourselves on being the UK’s number one most trusted eye care specialist and we work incredibly hard to maintain that title. We do so through our excellent levels of care and our attentive approach to patients. Consultations are free and we promise to beat or match prices received from any quality competitor. Elective surgery should not be undertaken lightly and should benefit from world renowned specialists at competitive prices, which is why we are confident that Optegra is the prime solution for you.

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