'Bright lights' by a poetic patient

Mr John Treneman was so happy with his eye surgery at Optegra Eye Hospital Surrey that he penned us this wonderful poem about his experience:

Bright lights

We get there soon enough
they're going to fix my eye
I woke a lot the night before
- I can't imagine why!

A young lady does the eye-drops
she has a bouncy walk
There's drops for anaesthetics,
dilute the pupil, as we talk

Then there's my ID bracelet,
Pre-med conceals your hair,
I'll put this mask upon your face
don't worry you'll get air!

I'm looking at three bright lights
as the surgeon does his stuff
"Stay still" while he is at it
far too late to call his bluff!

I can't tell what he is doing
there's a pinging in my ear
they're measuring my heart-beat
there is no need to fear

And when the op is over
I am told just what to do
With eye-drops for a week or three
"where's a mirror"? - look at you!

John Treneman, June 2015

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