5 Little-Known Side Effects of Laser Eye Treatment You Probably Don't Know About

If you’re reading this article we’re guessing you’re probably having some problems with your eyes and you’re starting to think about having laser eye treatment, right?

And you want to know all about the different treatment types for your condition – along with all the potential risks and complications and the possible side effects of laser eye treatment, yes?

Good – you’ve come to the right place; we are the UK’s no.1 most trusted eye specialist, and we’ve made it our mission to make sure all of our customers are fully informed about all aspects of laser eye treatment – before going ahead, so you know exactly what to expect following your surgery.

The benefits of laser eye treatment

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you could be suffering from any number of eye conditions that are affecting your daily life.

For you it could be eye irritations and recurrent eye infections from wearing contact lenses?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a marked deterioration in your eyesight – with blurred vision and other abnormalities - and you want to do all you can to protect your precious eyesight well into the future?

Or maybe it’s your bank balance that’s looking a little bit unhealthy from all the trips to the optician and the increasing cost of prescriptive lenses? And all the paraphernalia that goes along with them.

Laser eye treatment can help correct:

✔ Short sight (Myopia)
✔ Long sight (Hyperopia)
✔ Astigmatism
✔ Wavefront abnormalities

Imagine being able to throw away all those glasses and lenses once and for all?

85% of patients who have laser eye treatment achieve near perfect, 20/20 vision after surgery. But even if your vision can’t be corrected to that level, because of the particular refractive error you suffer from, you will see huge improvement to 20/40 vision, which is the standard required for passing the UK Driving Test.

The side effects of laser eye treatment
In our previous post about the risks of laser eye treatment, we told you some of the things that can go wrong – most of which are minor complications. But in this post, we wanted to have a little bit of fun and tell you about all the little-known side effects of laser eye treatment that are really great!

  1. You could win the Masters Golf Tournament

    Fancy yourself in the green jacket?

    Ok, ok, so you’ll probably need to get a few years’ golfing practice in first, but it’s a little-known fact that Tiger Woods was, in fact, legally blind before having LASIK eye surgery.
    And if you’re into sports - or would like to be - laser eye treatment can have a tremendous effect on your game. Not only through added precision, but also from the ability to get out there and play without worrying about glasses or lenses.

  2. You could fly aeroplanes

    Again, you might need to take a few test flights before flying independently around the world. But like Tiger Woods, who now enjoys vision which is even better than 20/20 – at 20/15, you could have such good vision after your laser eye treatment that your vision will be deemed good enough to take the controls on the flight deck!
  3. Invincibility

    That’s an exaggeration to highlight the point, of course! But after your laser eye treatment, your risk of eye infections from wearing contact lenses is greatly reduced. And not many people know that the risk of wearing contact lenses far exceeds the risks of laser eye surgery, so by having laser eye treatment you’ll be protecting your eyes from potentially serious infections and disease.
  4. You’ll have more fun

    That’s a big statement too. But if you’ve been wearing glasses or lenses for a long time, you’ll know there are certain activities that would just too much of a risk to take part in. Nobody wants their glasses smashed into their eyes – or to lose their contact lenses half way down a ski slope! Just imagine all the new and exciting adrenalin sports you’ll be able to try after your laser eye surgery.

  5. You could fly to the Moon

    If you’ve always been fascinated with space travel and the romance of the sky, you’ll probably know that you need to have 20/20 vision to become an astronaut. So, get booking that space flight with Richard Branson, because after your laser eye treatment you’ll be good to go!

    In all seriousness the moon is out of reach to most of us, but there are some professions that require 20/20 vision as standard. And having laser eye surgery could open up a whole new world of career possibilities to you, such as joining some of the armed forces and working in air traffic control.
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