Clarity at last… and no more varifocals!

Liz Croyden with Ruth Langsford

For Liz Croyden, from Kent, her dependence on glasses was so strong that she could not even see her spectacles in the mornings in order to put them on, and even had a few falls as she struggled with her varifocals.

Liz, who in her early 60s, had worn reading glasses since her late 40s when she spent a lot of time on the computer. By her late 50s, however, her long distance vision was also suffering and so she wore varifocals.

She said: “I never got on with glasses but was totally fumbling without them! I felt like I had a foreign body, an alien on my face and was always losing them. My sight was so bad my varifocals caused a few falls, and I had to take them on and off even just to walk up stairs so I could see the steps properly.  Putting makeup on was a complete nightmare!”

Liz saw an advert for ClarivuTM permanent lens replacement and could relate to everything Ruth Langsford said.  She had a free consultation with consultant eye surgeon, Mr Sundeep Kheterpal, at Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital to find out more: “I had no idea there was a permanent fix, I had only really heard of laser before. Mr Kheterpal explained the procedure, and of course the cost has to be considered, but you have to balance that with the amount I was spending each year on glasses and lenses – and with the huge frustration of glasses. After some thought I decided to go for it” she said.

Liz has many hobbies – including swimming, walking, cycling, reading, theatre, holidays, dining, family – and says everything is easier now she no longer needs glasses. She said: “Everything is good now, from driving or putting makeup on there is so much clarity.  Anything and everything is absolutely brilliant and I try not to take it for granted., because some times in life you do – but it was really bad before with all those glasses and messing about – life so much better now.

“Overall I think Optegra is very, very professional organisation, the care was very good, the nurse and support team were brilliant. I had a couple of little queries after the procedure and was called back by an optometrist straight away to put my mind at rest.  The support is there and this gives you confidence. I would recommend Clarivu to anyone.”


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