Optegra's pioneering SMILE treatment featured in the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online

If you got the Sunday papers at the weekend or read the Mail Online, you may have spotted a feature by Katherine Keogh for the Mail on Sunday, discussing the merits of SMILE - Optegra’s revolutionary new keyhole laser eye surgery treatment.
In the article, Katherine explained how the SMILE treatment works and how it differs from LASIK and other popular laser eye surgery treatments.  It also included a review of the treatment by fitness enthusiast Lee Greenaway – the first patient to have this pioneering new treatment at the Optegra Eye Hospital in London; Lee was understandably delighted with the results of his treatment because he is now able to enjoy full contact sports without the glasses he has worn since he was eight years old, as he explains further in the article.

The benefits of SMILE laser eye surgery

In clinical trials, 1000 patients in the UK and Europe who had SMILE laser eye surgery showed an 80% improvement in their vision in the hours immediately following surgery - with a 100% improvement noted within a couple of weeks post-surgery.
In another study, 60 laser eye surgery patients – 50% of whom had SMILE and 50% of whom had traditional laser eye surgery – were observed for a period of six months. Results showed that the group who underwent SMILE laser eye surgery showed a significantly reduced rate of dry eyes. So it is clear to see why SMILE is becoming the laser eye surgery procedure of choice for patients and eye surgeons alike.
If you missed the article in the Mail on Sunday, you should still be able to view the online version, here. But if you’re keen to find out more about this cutting-edge laser eye surgery treatment, which uses keyhole technology and bladeless lasers to restore your vision in under five minutes, here is a synopsis of the benefits of SMILE that were discussed in the article:
Reduced treatment time
Laser eye surgery, regardless of the type chosen, is a fast procedure. But due to the advancement in technology provided by SMILE the procedure can now be performed in less than five minutes.  
Cornea remains intact
Unlike LASIK and other traditional laser eye surgery treatments, the innovative SMILE procedure enables your surgeon to leave your cornea intact by creating a tiny keyhole incision with a bladeless laser. This does not affect the corneal nerves, like other treatments, and it enables faster and more comfortable recovery.
Marked reduction in dry eyes and discomfort after surgery
Due to the reduced involvement of the cornea during SMILE laser eye surgery, the likelihood of dry eyes is massively reduced because the eye’s tear film and ability to produce tears is not affected.
How to find out more about SMILE laser eye treatment
If you’re considering laser eye surgery and would like to find out more about the SMILE procedure, we’ve created a dedicated section on the website to explain the procedure in detail here. You can download a free SMILE Information Pack, reserve your place at the next SMILE Open Evening, read reviews from patients who have already had the procedure – or book a free, no obligation consultation with one of our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons to have your eyes thoroughly assessed and to discuss whether SMILE is the right treatment for you. 

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