IOL-VIP is a treatment for dry AMD.

What does IOL-VIP involve?

The IOL-VIP (intra ocular lens for visually impaired people) is an implant lens system inserted into the eye in an operation similar to cataract surgery. It has been developed to improve central vision in patients with moderate to severe visual loss resulting from age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

In standard cataract extraction, the opaque natural lens is replaced with a single clear plastic lens. In IOL-VIP surgery, two small plastic lenses are inserted into the eye, which together, give a telescopic effect.

Step 1: Your in-depth consultation

Following a detailed assessment, your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon will discuss the best course of treatment for you. The same consultant will carry out your procedure and your checks at follow-up appointments.

Step 2: Before the procedure

Treatment is usually carried out under local anaesthetic to numb the eye and keep it still. If you are particularly anxious, you may be offered sedation. You will be awake during the operation and aware of some movement and touch, but the procedure will be painless.

Step 3: During the IOL-VIP surgery

The skin around your eye will be thoroughly cleansed and a sterile cover placed over your eye and face, which will be lifted off your mouth so you can breathe easily. Your eyelids will be gently held open, although they will feel closed.

You will see little of what is happening during surgery, but we will explain what we are doing as the operation goes along and the theatre staff will help you relax.

Surgery begins with lens extraction, as used in standard cataract removal. This is known as phacoemulsification. The IOL-VIP surgery then involves implanting one lens behind the iris and a second in front. Together, these lenses act as a tiny telescope and also move the image onto a less damaged part of the retina. You will not be able to feel either of the new lenses.

Step 4: Rest and recovery

After the operation you will be taken to the recovery lounge to rest with a pad and plastic shield covering the operated eye to remain in place overnight.

You will be given antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops to take home and full aftercare instructions.

Step 5: Your aftercare

Your consultant will see you for a follow-up consultation to check on your progress, assess the results and answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with an emergency contact number so that if you do experience any unexpected symptoms, you can contact us.

Am I suitable?

Each patient will be individually assessed in-depth and advised on their suitability for IOL-VIP treatment.

Treatment Pricing

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