Am I suitable for scleral buckling treatment?

Scleral buckling is one of the treatments available for those suffering from retinal detachment. It involves stitching a tiny silicone band or sponge material into the outer wall of the eye to help close breaks and flatten the retina. By relieving the pull of the vitreous gel on the retina, as well as preventing liquid moving behind the tear, it can alleviate vision loss, flashing lights and other symptoms associated with the disorder.

Our eye health specialists will determine if you are suitable for scleral buckling during your one-to-one consultation. As a general rule, scleral buckling may be the recommended treatment for your eye health needs if:

  • You’re experiencing loss of vision
  • You can see flashing lights or floating objects
  • You have previously had cataract surgery
  • You have diabetes

Depending on your individual circumstances, scleral buckling is usually only performed as an emergency procedure. However, the procedure may need to be followed up with a vitrectomy to keep the retina in the correct position.

At Optegra, we know that every patient is different, so it’s hard to assess your individual circumstances without meeting you personally. To learn more about your suitability and other options available to you, book a no-obligation private consultation with one of our leading specialists today. Alternatively, attend one of our open days where our dedicated team of eye health specialists will be happy to answer any general queries you may have.

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