Our facilities

Facilities designed with you in mind

All Optegra eye hospitals are supported by dedicated optometrists and healthcare technicians and over 70 consultants who provide a wide range of procedures including lens replacement (Clarivu), laser eye surgery, cataract removal, glaucoma and AMD.

A calm reception

From start to finish, we ensure our patients feel relaxed, reassured and well cared for.
Our reception areas are light, airy and peaceful, with a friendly medical team to welcome you. Our Patient Liaison team is always on hand to make sure everything you require is provided.
We offer free WIFI whilst you and your relatives are in the reception area. Please ask our receptionist for log-in details.

State-of-the-art treatment rooms

The standard of equipment in our consultation rooms and theatres is world-class.
All rooms are fitted with the latest equipment and technology, including ceiling mounted precision microscopes as well as the most technically advanced instruments for laser eye surgery and cataract, retinal and glaucoma surgical techniques and procedures.  Our diagnostic equipment is linked to a secure, centralised computer system which stores all your medical and visual readings. This provides your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with a detailed picture of your eye, enabling them to assess and treat your condition to an unbeatable level of precision.

Optegra is the first national eye care provider to offer LENSAR™ femtosecond laser technology to patients across all of its UK hospitals. From July 2014 this state-of-the-art technology is offered for all cataract and Clarivu™ procedures to give the optimum results for you.

… and a relaxing recovery suite

When your procedure is over you will be taken into one of our comfortable and tranquil recovery lounges, where you can relax, rest and enjoy some refreshments until you feel 100% ready to return home.

Your dedicated team of experienced medical staff will be on hand to provide the highest level of post-operative care, and make sure you are comfortable and well rested before returning home.

Our customers really love Optegra

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