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  • Why are eye tests so important?
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  • What are the myths around eye health?

Following the success of its first report in 2015, Optegra Eye Health Care commissioned this latest Vision of Britain report to reflect on the state of the nation’s eye health and provide practical advice to support both adults and children in caring for their eyes. Interviews were conducted online with 2,009 adults aged 16 or over throughout the UK, as well as 50 GPs and more than 50 opticians, with the aim of highlighting ways of improving our vision.

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Welcome to the 2017 Vision of Britain report

 Dr Sarah Jarvis
 General Practitioner and Medical Broadcaster

I'm absolutely delighted to be involved with the Vision of Britain 2017. Actually, in an ideal world I wouldn’t have to be - we would all look after our eyes, get regular eye tests from a qualified optometrist and know all the warning signs that meant we needed urgent eye help. But as this report shows us, we’re a long way from there. 

I see the consequences of lack of dental care all too often in my practice - it’s not pretty and it can be painful, but at least people can have replacements to their teeth that work in the same way. The same absolutely cannot be said of eyes - yet 25% of people go to the dentist more often than they get their eyes tested by a qualified optician.
One of my favourite elements in this report is the myth-busting section - if it’s there, the average GP will have heard it dozens of times from patients absolutely convinced that being a grandma gives you greater authority than 10 years of medical training. Ladies, if you’re still in denial about your eye make-up, this section is for you!
The 2017 Vision of Britain report is packed with invaluable facts and more than a few surprises about our relationship with our eyes in Britain. If we all read it and heeded its advice, we could save our eyes - and ourselves - a whole heap of trouble.

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