Meet our Team

Our directors and consultants play a pivotal role in steering the strategic development and providing leadership at Optegra Eye Health Care. Through collaborative efforts, our leadership team contributes to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our systems and processes. We consistently evaluate our services, identifying areas for enhancement and fine-tuning. Moreover, they ensure that our policies and practices align with the statutory requirements outlined by Government, NHS England, Care Quality Commission, and other regulatory bodies. Our team are dedicated to upholding our clinical teams’ values, ensuring the delivery of compassionate care and achieving excellent outcomes.

Dr Peter Byloos, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer at Optegra Eye Health Care, Peter Byloos, manages the business across Optegra’s 39 hospitals and clinics internationally. He works closely with shareholders and investors, ensuring the business has the right plans and resources to make the organization successful, serving patients well while constantly seeking improvements to further enhance the service Optegra provides. As CEO, he also ensures that all hospitals deliver top-quality patient care, providing the highest state-of-the-art equipment and experienced clinical staff to support patients, and continually developing pathways so that Optegra can deliver focused care with excellent outcomes.

On an international level, Peter Byloos shares best practices, from patient pathways and clinical perspectives to technology and training, among clinics in Poland and the Czech Republic. Peter Byloos is a senior executive driven by global leadership, innovative growth, and a demonstrated track record in the healthcare space of over 20 years. He is passionate about developing talent, identifying and executing a focused strategy, and creating value in the healthcare sector and MedTech industry.

Having worked in the healthcare industry since completing his medical training in Belgium, he was a resident in orthopedic surgery in Belgium before transitioning his career into the business world and becoming a sales representative. The fascination for the career change came from selling over-the-counter products with Proctor and Gamble during a few summers while studying. In 2011, Peter Byloos became EMEA President for an international company, leading more than 1,000 people. His interests shifted to private equity and a more service-oriented and entrepreneurial career.

Peter Byloos joined Optegra as the new CEO for the patient-led culture and the devoted commitment the clinical and admin staff have to their patients. His joys come from the ever-growing success of Optegra, with an increasing number of new clinics opening and the ability to treat significantly more patients each year. Peter Byloos also takes great joy in supporting all the highly driven individuals in their roles that make Optegra.

Javad Moayedi, NHS Medical Director

Mr. Javad Moayedi is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Optegra Eye Hospital with over 20 years of experience in his field. He was appointed as the NHS Medical Director at Optegra in January 2020 and is based in Central London and North London.

He holds subspecialty accreditation in Cataract, Vision Correction, Lens Implant, Eyelid Surgery, Watery Eyes, and Glaucoma, acquired during his training at Linköping University in Sweden and Ulster University.

Mr. Moayedi is a high-volume cataract surgeon with vast experience in Small Incision Cataract Surgery, having performed more than 45,000 cataract and lens implant procedures. He enjoys a very high success rate, with over 99% of his patients recommending him for eye surgery. Vision correction surgery with Premium Implants, Multifocal Implants, and Implantable Contact lenses is another area where he has extensive experience.

A fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Mr. Moayedi is also a member of both the American and European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, along with the UK and Northern Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.


Amir Hamid Headshot

Mr Amir Hamid, Clinical Lead For Refractive Surgery

Mr. Amir Hamid, our Clinical Lead for Vision Correction, is a highly experienced refractive surgeon, having performed over 8000 cataract and laser refractive surgeries and routinely performs up to 60 operations per week. He was appointed  as a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon in 2011 with a special interest in cataract surgery, corneal transplantation and the correction of presbyopia. He now practices solely in the independent sector in London.

In 2012 he received the Certification in Laser Refractive Surgery by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (CertLRS). He is exceptionally skilled in performing SMILE, Presbyond, LASIK and LASEK laser vision correction procedures as well as the use of the most advanced Multifocal intraocular lenses. Additionally, he is certified in the use of the Artisan Iris Clip lenses and the Staar Visian ICL, in order to serve patients unsuitable for laser vision correction.

Mr Sajjad Mahmood

Mr Mahmood is a consultant ophthalmic surgeon specialising in medical retina and cataract surgery.

He graduated from Cambridge University in 1997. He trained at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and worked as a senior medical retina fellow at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. He became a consultant in 2007 and between 2008 and 2020 he was the clinical lead for medical retina at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital leading an award winning service which was developed to four sites across the city in hospital and community locations.

He is a leading UK expert in medical retina and has lectured nationally and internationally on ophthalmic imaging, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion. He is also an advisor to the pharmaceutical industry assisting in the development of new drugs and treatment pathways.

He is active in teaching and organises courses in medical retinal disease and modern imaging techniques. He is also a skilled cataract surgeon who has done over 10,000 procedures and with great feedback from patients.

He holds an honorary clinical lectureship with the University of Manchester and is a council member of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists representing the North West region.

Mat Pickering, General Manager

As the General Manager, Matt Pickering is accountable for all Optegra hospitals within the UK, overseeing aspects ranging from patient care, safety, and operational efficiency to staff welfare and more. Additionally, he holds responsibility for the success of new clinics opening across the UK.

Matt Pickering commenced his career in healthcare and has dedicated over 25 years to the sector. With an inherent passion for providing care to people, he has worked across various professions, including optical, dental, and natural health. His professional journey includes roles at Vision Express, David Clulow, Tesco Opticians, The NutriCentre, Oasis Dental, BUPA, and now Optegra. Beginning as a lab technician at Vision Express in Cambridge, he transitioned into management at David Clulow. Working in healthcare has consistently provided him with a sense of fulfilment, and he has always enjoyed deepening his understanding of the industry to contribute to its development.

Employment at Optegra has allowed Matt Pickering to return to the optical sector as intended, while also providing the opportunity to work in a larger hospital setting. For Matt, the role of a General Manager at Optegra is both exciting and challenging, offering high rewards.

His satisfaction in his work stems from witnessing patients who originally faced an 18-month wait for cataract surgery receiving treatment within just six weeks of referral with Optegra. This enables patients to return to their normal lives, regaining their independence and confidence.

Mr Armitage, NHS Director

Richard Armitage first joined Optegra as the Hospital Director in Birmingham in 2018 when the company primarily focused on private vision correction. In 2021, his role transitioned to NHS Director as the company evolved, placing greater emphasis on NHS-funded work. His responsibilities include overseeing the NHS business, maintaining strong relationships with referral partners, commissioners, and Trusts, and ensuring the booking system is patient-focused and efficient. Richard ensures that Optegra delivers exceptional care for patients during their treatment at any of the hospitals.

Before becoming the NHS Director at Optegra, Richard Armitage had a history of working in the private healthcare sector. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from The University of Hull and honed his skills in operations management, coaching, performance management, and industry development.

His attraction to working in the healthcare field stems from his personal interests in health and fitness, with a focus on promoting well-being. Richard finds the greatest gratification in working with Optegra, being part of a business that actively improves people’s quality of life. Taking on the responsibility of setting the direction for the future success of the business is a role that Richard Armitage finds particularly gratifying.

Edna Osborn, Finance & HR Director, Optegra

Before relocating to London and entering the field of accounting, Edna Osborn lived and studied at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. During this time, she gained valuable experience that would shape her career, learning the importance of setting budgets and being accurate, reliable, and realistic.

Edna Osborn seized the exciting opportunity to join Optegra at a crucial time when the company expanded its business internationally in the Czech Republic and Poland. Confident in her ability to contribute significantly to the team, she had previously worked in the FMCG homeopathic and healthcare industry, both domestically and internationally, with experiences in Germany, France, and the US.

Her passion for her work stems from the positive impact it has on patients’ lives. She takes pride in providing the highest level of care and contributing to meaningful changes in people’s lives. Edna Osborn’s personal connection to her work and the significance of vision care are rooted in her mother’s experience with AMD. Helping others with similar conditions is a primary motivation for her.

One of Edna Osborn’s favourite aspects of working for Optegra is the exceptional level of care and inclusivity the workplace fosters. Optegra strives daily to enhance this environment for all colleagues.