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NHS Cataract Surgery

Optegra offer some medical treatments such as basic cataract treatment for NHS patients. Thousands of NHS patients choose Optegra to have their treatment. To discover more about being treated by us for NHS treatments, please click here. If you are interested in learning how to refer your NHS patients to Optegra, learn how here.

Please note, we do not offer elective treatments such as laser eye surgery, lens replacement or advanced cataract surgery via the NHS.

Couple hugging and laughing

Single focus

Our singular focus on eye health care and our consultant-led approach means we deliver the right treatment for every patient. And it is our patients’ stories that inspire us and, hopefully, you.

Learn more about our laser eye surgery, lens replacement surgery, cataract removal, medical eye treatments and innovations – all performed under one roof to the highest clinical standards. Our reviews say as much. We’re the most trusted specialist eye hospital group.

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We understand how important eye health is to every individual

We offer a range of vision correction treatments which include laser eye surgery and lens replacement surgery, as well as a range of medical treatments for AMD and glaucoma treatments, for example.

Eye health treatments provide our patients with a new quality of life, which is why our ophthalmic surgeons are the best in the industry. Our world-class surgeons use their experience, with the latest ground breaking technology, to deliver accurate and safe treatments for all our clients.

If you have any questions, get in touch. Our dedicated eye health consultants are happy to discuss the most appropriate treatments for your eye health needs during your  consultation.


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