Eye Sciences

Championing the latest innovations in ophthalmology

Optegra is committed to the development of eye sciences and championing the latest innovations in eye care through its dedicated, not-for-profit research division, Optegra Eye Sciences.

We achieve this by partnering with leading UK universities in the research and development of the next generation of ophthalmic services and technologies. In addition, its Professional Partnership Programme of education and development with optometrists and opticians ensures the very best medical treatments are available to all.

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Optegra Eye Sciences is committed to:

  • Establishing Optegra at the forefront of research and development in eye care
  • Championing innovations in eye care
  • Partnerships with academics at leading Universities
  • Helping Optegra offer the latest treatments, ensuring they will enhance our patients’ experience
  • Evaluating and report clinical outcomes data
  • Promoting clinical education in ophthalmology
  • Carrying out industry sponsored trials of
    • Optical devices
    • Presbyopia treatments
    • Surgical techniques
    • AMD therapies
    • Clinical ophthalmology projects
  • Carrying out basic research projects