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      Suitability for laser eye surgery

      Every Individual Is Different

      Laser eye surgery could be perfect for you if you suffer from a vision impairment, be it myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), or astigmatism (blurred vision).

      However, every individual is different, which is why it is essential to have an in-depth assessment beforehand. At Optegra, all patients can benefit from a free, no obligation consultation conducted by one of our experienced ophthalmic surgeons. They will determine your suitability for laser eye surgery, and exactly which laser eye treatment is best for you.

      Who May Not Qualify For Laser Eye Surgery?

      The overwhelming majority of candidates will be suitable for laser eye surgery treatment.

      If the following applies to you, you may not be suitable for all types of laser eye surgery:

      • 1 You are under the age of 18
      • 2 You have glaucoma
      • 3 Your prescription has changed significantly
      • 4 You have severe dry eyes
      • 5 You are pregnant or breastfeeding

      Optegra May Still Be Able To Help

      If any of the above applies to you, don’t be disheartened. As mentioned, every case is different, and one of our ophthalmic surgeons will be able to give you a final decision on whether laser eye surgery is right for you. For example, if you have dry eyes, the severity of your condition will determine whether you can have laser eye surgery.

      For women who are breastfeeding, you will generally be allowed to have treatment three months after weaning. Most people with diabetes or glaucoma will not be suitable for treatment, due to there being a higher likelihood of complications. However, do not hesitate to get in touch for a consultation to discuss your specific case in further detail.

      SMILE laser treatment

      Suitability & The Latest 3rd Generation SMILE Laser Treatment

      Unlike most laser providers in the UK, Optegra have the latest ReLEx SMILE laser treatment available.

      One of the many benefits of this leading treatment is that more people are suitable than for LASIK and LASEK. For example, patients with dry eye are not good candidates for traditional laser eye surgery. However if you have mild to moderate dry eye, SMILE treatment may be perfect.

      SMILE is also a suitable treatment for those with an intolerance to contact lenses and/or a thinner than average cornea.

      Book a free, no-obligation consultation for laser eye surgery

      Our consultations are free, and there is no obligation to continue with our service if you are accepted for laser eye surgery. If we feel that you are not suitable for the procedure, we have other options that may help such as lens replacement surgery. There is some form of vision correction solution available for 99 per cent of people who have otherwise healthy eyes, so it’s very likely that there will be an option that suits your needs. The ophthalmologist you see will be able to advise you on the best steps going forward.

      When you’ve relied on glasses or contact lenses for years, it can be daunting to consider getting laser eye surgery, so to help you decide if it’s right for you, we’ve put together some guidance on what laser eye surgery is and the potential risks. You can also read our laser eye surgery reviews to find out about the amazing results our previous customers have enjoyed from their laser eye surgery.
      If you would like to discuss your suitability for laser eye surgery in further detail, please call our patient advisors on 0808 178 9181. They will be more than happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have.

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