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    How much does cataract surgery cost?

    The cost of cataract surgery can vary based on many different factors, including:

    • Type of Intraocular Lens (IOL): The choice of intraocular lens can impact the overall cost. Premium lenses, such as multifocal or toric lenses, which correct for astigmatism or provide a range of vision, may be more expensive than standard monofocal lenses.
    • Quality of Facility and Surgeon Experience: Highly experienced surgeons using state-of-the-art facilities and techniques may charge slightly higher fees.

    At Optegra, our cataract surgery costs are simple and transparent. We offer a fixed price per eye for the treatment carried out, starting at £2,655 per eye, and, unlike other cataract surgery providers, we don’t add on extra costs along the way.

    We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees, so you can be confident from the start about how much your cataract treatment will cost. Our tiered packages can be found below, which outline exactly what treatment is included for the price you pay. We also have 0% finance options available, should that be a route you wish to explore.

    We are committed to improving our patients’ quality of vision and, in turn, their quality of life. If you’d like more information, you can arrange a free, no-obligation, comprehensive cataract consultation to understand all your options.

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    Cataract Surgery Cost

    Optegra offer fair & transparent pricing with attractive 0% finance options

    Our Private Cataract Surgery Options

    At Optegra, we offer various types of cataract surgery to fit your exact vision goals.

    Standard Cataract Surgery

    The standard procedure involves the insertion of a monofocal intraocular lens designed to focus on a specific distance, either for near or far vision. Patients may still require glasses for reading if opting for distance correction or for distance if choosing near-sighted correction.

    Enhanced Cataract Surgery

    Enhanced surgery can offer correction of intermediate, distant, and some near vision using an enhanced monofocal lens and aims to address astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition where the eye is not perfectly spherical, causing light to scatter upon entry. Utilising a toric intraocular lens, enhanced surgery corrects astigmatism, ensuring that light converges precisely on the retina. While a standard monofocal toric lens corrects either distance or near vision and astigmatism, a toric multifocal intraocular lens corrects all distances along with astigmatism.

    Advanced Cataract Surgery

    Advanced cataract surgery surpasses standard procedures by replacing the natural lens with a sophisticated multifocal intraocular lens. This advanced lens enables patients to achieve clearer vision at various distances—distance, intermediate (computer vision), and near—granting them the freedom from glasses they aspire to attain.

    What’s included in your cataract surgery costs?

    Free Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

    Free Consultation

    We’re pleased to offer free, no obligation consultations, which include all the diagnostic eye tests needed to assess your suitability.


    Personalised Treatment Plan

    We have the experience and facilities to offer a personalised treatment plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs.


    Aftercare Programme

    Our aftercare program is designed to fit your needs, and includes medication as well as access to a dedicated out-of-hours helpline.

    Our Cataract Treatment Pricing Prices

    Each tier of pricing includes all treatment within Optegra’s five-star hospitals. Plus we include follow-up aftercare as standard, including free YAG treatment,  if required within 1 year of surgery,  as part of our one year free aftercare package.

    Standard Cataract Treatment

    Cataract surgery with monofocal lens

    From £2,795 per eye

    Enhanced Cataract Treatment

    Cataract & astigmatism treatment with a toric lens

    From £3,495 per eye

    Advanced Cataract Treatment

    The most advanced cataract surgery using a multifocal lens

    From £3,895 per eye

    Finance Options

    We have a number of different payment plans to assist you with the cost of cataract surgery, including finance options spread over several months. We’re pleased to say that our finance plans are some of the most competitive on the market. Use our tool below to build your perfect package.

    Finance options

    Choose which surgery you are looking to get

    One eye or both eyes?

    How much would you like to pay up-front?


      / month
    Want to reduce your monthly payment?

    Try changing your payment period.

    48 months

    If you decide to go for a 12 or 24-month payment structure, you can benefit from 0% APR with a minimum of 10% required to secure your surgery date. Alternatively, an advanced form of cataract surgery called lens replacement surgery is also available, and you can view details of our specific lens replacement surgery costs.

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    Why choose Optegra for private cataract surgery?

    • A designated consultant and continuity of care  – You will be seen by the same consultant and team throughout the entire process, from your initial consultation, through to the surgery, and also for the post-operative follow-up. This is unusual nowadays, as most eye hospitals and health clinics provide a segmented service, which we believe hinders the quality of care.
    • Personalised treatment – We recognise that all our patients are different. Your needs may be different to someone else’s.  That’s why all our cataract surgery packages include a personalised treatment plan that takes your lifestyle into account.
    • The latest advanced technology – We are well known for using the most advanced and innovative technology in all our eye hospitals, guaranteeing the best results.
    • Diagnostic eye tests – We provide a wide range of diagnostic eye tests, which are carried out by our specially trained clinical teams.
    • Specialist eye hospitals – Your consultation, surgery and follow-up appointments will all take place at one of our dedicated Optegra eye hospitals. We have purpose-built hospitals all across the UK, so you can keep your travel costs low.
    • Comprehensive aftercare – As standard, cataract treatment at Optegra includes a comprehensive cataract surgery recovery plan that is completely tailored to your needs. This not only includes follow-up visits, but also incorporates a dedicated out-of-hours helpline number and any home medication that is required. This package includes one year free aftercare. 
    Mike Cockram

    Optegra patient following his double cataract treatment with us

    I now have stunning, crisp, clear vision that I understand is way better than 20/20, be it at day or night. It’s something that I always hoped was possible but had not anticipated. I now have eyesight to die for, this is sight perfection!

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