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Providing feedback regarding our service or making a formal complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction requiring a response, communicated verbally, electronically, or in writing, anyone can make a complaint to us or provide feedback to help us do better in fact we encourage feedback in order to improve our services.

Our policy in Optegra is to resolve formal complaints wherever possible through the simplest possible means and at the level closest to the point of the service being complained about.  Optegra is committed to developing a culture of welcoming feedback in the form of compliments, concerns  and or suggestions for review.

Optegra recognises that there will be occasions when its actions do not meet the reasonable expectations of patients or visitors, we endeavour to give all feedback proper consideration in a way that is as fair, transparent and reasonable as possible.

To do this our complaints policy

  • Ensures that the complaints process is flexible and responsive to the needs of individual complainants.
  • Emphasises the need to communicate effectively with complainants and involve them in the decisions concerning the handling of their complaint.
  • Complainants are listened to and treated with courtesy and empathy
  • Complainants are not disadvantaged as a result of making a complaint
  • Complaints are investigated promptly, thoroughly, honestly and openly
  • Complainants are kept informed of the progress and outcome of the investigation
  • Apologies are given as appropriate
  • Action to rectify the cause of the complaint is identified, implemented and evaluated
  • Learning from complaints informs service development and improvement
  • Complaints handling complies with confidentiality and data protection policies and is transparent.
  • Staff involved in complaints are given support

The process of providing feedback or making a complaint

To provide feedback or make a formal complaint please speak to a member of staff who will seek to resolve your issues or provide you with the correct contact details to make a formal complaint if that is your choice.

Alternatively to provide feedback or make a complaint email

Formal complaints are managed by local hospitals known as local resolution. These should be acknowledged in writing within 2 working days and a full response sent within 20 working days.

If at the end of the process a complainant remains dissatisfied then Optegra have a second stage response known as internal appeal. Stage 2 appeals should be acknowledged within 2 working days of being received by the central team and a full response sent in writing within 20 working days.

If at the end of this process complainants remain dissatisfied with Optegra’s response then the third stage is to seek an independent external review.

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For privately funded patients

Please contact The Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service

contact details are as follows:


1King Street




Telephone: 020 3713 1746


For NHS funded patients

Please contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Website Making a complaint | Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)

Telephone number 0345 015 4033


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) does not investigate complaints.

However if a complainant is unhappy with how a complaint has been managed by Optegra, they may choose to write to the CQC.

The CQC may wish to investigate if the complaint suggests that Optegra has breached any regulatory requirements.

The CQC can be contacted at: –

Care Quality Commission



Newcastle Upon Tyne