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Great Grandmother On Cloud Nine After Advanced Cataract Surgery

2 September 2021

By Author: Amir Hamid

Josephine Wright is so delighted with her new-found vision that she describes it as a miracle. Having depended on glasses for decades, she was at the point that she could not drive over the past year due to blurred vision.

Josephine (known as Jo), 76, from West Yorkshire, found it difficult to read black print on white paper and a diagnosis of cataract meant that Jo, who began wearing glasses at the age of 45, was really struggling with her sight. Without contact lenses or glasses, she had trouble seeing anything.

She explained “I had stopped driving because my vision became blurry and it affected my confidence. I would regularly visit my granddaughter and great grandchildren to help out so it was a nuisance not being able to drive and having to rely on my husband Martin for all my journeys. It had been almost a year since Iast drove and I came to the conclusion that my driving days were finished.”

Jo had heard from other people about the possibility of lens replacement surgery but didn’t think it was something she could afford. Her optician referred her to Optegra where she was taken through the options – of cataract surgery with a standard lens, or refractive cataract surgery with an advanced personally tailored multifocal lens.

“I took all the information home and discussed it with Martin. As I needed to have surgery to remove the cataracts, I thought I might as well go the whole hog and correct my vision at the same time,” said Jo.

Jo was booked in for refractive cataract surgery under the care of Optegra surgeon Mr Shafiq Rehman. She said “I was so scared and nervous when I arrived but I could not have been in better hands. From start to finish, every individual that I met was lovely. My care was spot on.”

She is delighted with the results of her surgery and can’t believe how clearly she can now see. “I wore my sunglasses around the house for the first couple of days as I was nervous about straining my eyes – everything was so bright! I felt a bit overwhelmed because I had waited so long for this miracle.

“Then I looked out of the window and could see the dew on the grass and leaves glistening like diamonds, it was incredible.”

Jo loves to knit and has done so for many years. “I have made everything from thick fisherman and cable-knit jumpers to pompom blankets for my great grandchildren” she says.

“I am enjoying knitting again and I am teaching my nine-year-old granddaughter to knit which she is picking up quickly. After many years I have recently taken up sewing again which I am also enjoying very much.

“I have a new-found confidence since the surgery and the sense of freedom I feel is amazing. I am enjoying the freedom of driving again and my life has improved immensely. My eyesight is perfect and I couldn’t ask for any more.”

Jo Wright following advanced cataract surgery at Optegra

By Author: Amir Hamid

Mr. Amir Hamid is a Clinical Lead for Vision Correction and an expert refractive surgeon, based in London.


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