New 3D vision for Sally, despite early cataracts

23 November 2022

Sally Bowden, 56, from Paddington, started wearing glasses in her mid-forties as she was struggling with close-up vision. A sight test around that time in New Zealand, where she was living, also revealed that she had cataracts in both eyes – despite being so young – but as they weren’t causing any problems with her vision, they were left alone.

Sally says, “I arrived in the UK from New Zealand in 2018 and I haven’t had a sight test since then. In December last year I noticed a strange sensation in my right eye which felt odd. I remember mentioning it to a friend and wondering if I needed new glasses, as my vision became a bit blurry.

“A sight test a few months later confirmed that the cataract in my right eye had developed, in fact I struggled to see any of the lights and letters during the test. My job requires long hours on the computer looking at data and spreadsheets, so good vision is important to me.”

Sally’s optometrist confirmed that the cataracts in both eyes needed to be removed and referred her to Optegra Eye Hospital North London for NHS treatment. This meant she was seen within weeks rather than waiting for months on the NHS waiting list.

Her surgery was carried out by consultant ophthalmic surgeon Javad Moayedi, who said “Cataracts are a very common condition and will only get worse over time, so it is important to secure treatment as early as you can.  We are so pleased to be supporting the NHS by offering free treatment across Optegra, but also providing private cataract surgery for those who may wish to also be free of glasses in the same procedure.”

Sally continues, “I was terrified of the surgery but I needn’t have been – it was a piece of cake. I could see really well straight after the procedure, I couldn’t believe the difference. Colours are so bright, it’s like a world in 3D. I would say it has been life changing for me.”

If you are considering cataract surgery for yourself or a relative, please contact us today and our support team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Sally Bowden had cataract treatment with Optegra

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