Sight On Target After Cataract Op

11 January 2023

Keith Dale, from Manchester, is living retired life to the full, enjoying archery and restoring an old MG thanks to excellent vision following private cataract surgery with Optegra.

Keith, 79, has experienced problems with the vision in his right eye since he was just 11 years old, when an air gun pellet hit his eyelid. The impact let to a trauma injury.

After a lifetime of wearing glasses, he first suspected a cataract when halos appeared in his vision whilst driving at night.

On retiring from his job for a privately owned American company, Keith revisited a childhood hobby and took up archery. However, his vision had deteriorated and he started frequently missing the target.  He returned to the optician and was referred to Optegra for cataract surgery.

“The whole experience was seamless and professional, smooth as silk. I felt very comfortable and for someone who is very risk adverse, I needn’t have worried at all” he said.

After the pandemic, Keith then discovered he had a cataract in his left eye and returned to Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester. “For the first time in my life I don’t need to wear glasses for driving, only for reading. And now when I play archery, everything is bright and clear.”

Having worked in the motor trade early in his career, Keith’s passion for cars has never waned. “I am interested in how things work and have been rebuilding a prototype MGB over the past few years. It’s totally unique and has been featured several times in MG magazine.

“I also like to write short stories in my spare time, one of which I submitted for the prestigious Bridport Prize and have also created a children’s story book for family use. Having clear vision has meant I can fully indulge in my hobbies without worrying about glasses or poor eyesight.”


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