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The Cost of Private Cataract Surgery

3 June 2021

In an increasingly ageing population, private cataract surgery is becoming more and more in demand.

That one in three adults will suffer from this clouding of their vision is a fact.  It will affect their day-to-day tasks such as driving, and may impact their enjoyment of hobbies such as reading, art and even watching TV.  Without treatment vision will continue to deteriorate. This is a condition which simply cannot be ignored.

So while the NHS works incredibly hard to keep up with demand – and even draws on private hospitals such as Optegra to help treat their waiting lists of patients needing cataract surgery – there is also an opportunity for patients to choose to have cataracts treated privately.

Most private hospitals will charge for a cataract consultation, usually around £300, but here at Optegra we do things differently.

We are passionately committed to improving the quality of vision and consequent quality of life for our patients.

And one step we have taken towards that is to provide fully comprehensive cataract consultations – which are both non-obligation and most importantly, free.

We are the only hospital group in the UK to offer this, so why?

Because once someone is diagnosed with cataract the only treatment option is surgery. Yet thousands have to delay treatment due to months on waiting lists, whilst their vision continues to deteriorate.

By offering a free consultation, we can help to lighten the load on the NHS – and also provide more people with access to our five-star hospitals and latest technologies.

A further benefit is that more cataract patients can learn about the surgical options, some of which are not available on the NHS, to ensure they make a fully informed choice. We now also opened an NHS only eye hospital in Newcastle.

Cost for private cataract surgery at Optegra

Each tier of pricing includes all treatment within Optegra’s five star hospitals – importantly with no waiting lists – plus follow-up care.

1. Tier one

Standard cataract surgery – where a standard monofocal lens is used to replace the cloudy cataract – costs £1,995 per eye.

2. Tier two

Enhanced cataract surgery – where a standard monofocal lens is used to replace the cloudy cataract for patients who have astigmatism (where the shape of the eye is rugby ball shaped rather than football, and this affects focusing power) – costs £2,495 per eye.

3. Tier three

Advanced cataract surgery – where a multifocal lens using the most advanced technology is used to replace the cloudy cataract.  This eliminates or vastly reduces the need for glasses or contact lenses after the procedure – costs £3,495 per eye.

So if you have been informed by your optician, optometrist or GP that you have a cataract, you can make an appointment for a free consultation at any of our UK Optegra hospitals.

Your free consultation – which would normally be worth £300 – will be with one of our world-class ophthalmic surgeons, who will carry out an extensive evaluation to determine the best treatment option for you.

Mr Amir Hamid, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra Eye Health Care, explains: “A great advantage of the treatment provided by Optegra is the consistency of care. At your free cataract consultation you will meet an eye surgeon such as myself, who will not only recommend the best treatment for you, but also go on to carry out that procedure and your follow up care.

“In my opinion, this consistency, combined with the incredibly innovative and high level technology which we use, is key to guaranteeing the best levels of care and is something which we receive great feedback on from our patients.”

Learn more about the cost for private cataract surgery at Optegra and finance options on our dedicated page.


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