Festive Brain Teasers

Brain teasers and optical illusions don’t necessarily trick our eyes – they trick our brains. While your eyes play an important role in vision, they are just part of a larger visual system that includes many different elements including the visual cortex of the brain. Visual information is not only just seen but interpreted by our brains to allow us to form an image in our minds.
To get into the festive spirit Optegra has put together a series of Christmas themed brain teasers. While not being able to work out an optical illusion or brainteaser isn’t a sign of poor vision, it’s important to regularly visit your optometrist to keep up with your eye health.
Have a go at working out the four festive brain teasers below and tweet us @Optegra to let us know when you’ve cracked the puzzle!
The first puzzle challenges users to find the ladybird among the baubles. Can you see it?


Can you spot the striped tie hidden with the candy canes?


There is a jelly bean hidden among the stockings, can you find it?


The final brain teaser challenges you to find the bow disguised among the Christmas crackers. Can you find it?


Did you manage to find them all? If not scroll down for the answers!





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