All Smiles For Optegra’s Pam Tincello

11 August 2020

Struggling to put make up on every day, to see which bottle is which in the shower…are just some of the daily frustrations for someone living with short sightedness.

And as for putting mascara on, that became far more tricky than it should be!

After 17 years relying on glasses, Pamela Tincello, administration manager at Optegra’s flagship Queen Anne Street hospital, decided to take action in January 2020 – as part of her ‘new year, new me’ mind set.

She was also fed up with managing with contact lenses at work, finding them very uncomfortable.

She says: “I’d been wearing glasses for such a long time I didn’t really know any different, but getting up for work was always irritating.  Which one is the shampoo, which one is the conditioner at a glance? I also couldn’t see if I’d shaved my legs accurately! Most of all putting on mascara as I got ready for work was a small but annoying thing as it was just awkward for me.”

SMILE is the latest in laser eye surgery technology which is minimally-invasive and is considered the ‘keyhole of laser eye surgery’ as advances in technology continue to improve surgical options.

Since the procedure, Pamela aged 29, says:

“I’ve found even the smallest tasks much improved. Like shaving my legs! During lockdown I’ve done a lot of reading and even colouring just as a way of peace of mind, which is so clear to see now.

“And my new vision has helped me improve my make up skills as I’m able to watch a tutorial at the same time as doing my own face, something I was never able to do!”

As for the treatment itself, Pamela describes it as:

“Really smooth. I was more nervous waiting to go down to the laser suite than I was actually having it.

“The procedure itself was easy. I was given step-by-step information from my colleagues and it went by like nothing had happened.

“I could see clearer when I got up from lying down than I usually would have if I had taken off my glasses to see. They asked me to read the clock on the back wall directly after and I could see it, incredible!”

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    Pamela is delighted: “I honestly don’t even remember my life with glasses and I wish I had the courage to do it sooner.

    “It’s an investment, so why not invest in yourself? I would recommend vision correction treatment to everyone who wears glasses or contact lenses. It frees you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.”

    SMILE stands for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction and is the newest alternative to LASIK laser eye surgery where the surgeon creates a tiny flap on the surface of the eye.

    Optegra consultant eye surgeon, Mr. Amir Hamid, says:

    “This latest 3rd generation laser eye surgery is state-of-the-art minimally invasive keyhole laser eye surgery.

    “The laser creates a tiny incision, just 2 mm wide which heals naturally within 48 hrs, maintaining the strength of the eye, inducing less dry eye and avoiding the need for a flap, so there is less risk of future issues.”

    For more information on SMILE or the many other vision correction treatments available at Optegra, click here.


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