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Helen Is Specs Free After 4 Decades – Thanks To Latest Laser Eye Surgery

17 March 2021

Helen Is Enjoying Life Free From Glasses – Read Her Story Below

Swinton lady, Helen Savvides, is a healthcare technician at a local specialist eye hospital and has taken a break from her scrubs to become patient for the day and secure 20/20 vision.

Having worked at Optegra for two years, Helen, 51, has seen many patients delighted with outcomes from corrective eye surgery.

And more recently, patients in their 50’s able to have laser eye surgery for the first time due to advances in technology.

Reliant on glasses herself, after four decades in specs Helen felt the time had come to do something about it: “I have always been very short sighted which means I couldn’t do anything without either my glasses or contact lenses. I have had to wear them all day every day since I was just seven – and I started with contacts from the age of 17.

“But that meant I had to take a supply of contact lenses, glasses, prescription sunglasses and saline solution whenever I went away or was on holiday, which was so frustrating.”

Mr Shafiq Rehman, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester, treated Helen and said:

“Laser eye surgery has historically been a suitable treatment for people in their 20s-40s, as in mid-life our eyes change and we develop presbyopia. This is a natural age-related hardening of the lens which can change our focusing power and lead to most people needing reading glasses.

“Developments in technology mean that one of the latest laser eye surgeries, Presbyond, can now deal with any pre-existing long or short sight, plus the need for reading glasses.

“I was delighted to be able to perform this surgery on Helen, as a colleague at Optegra, and see the wonderful results for her. When she has assisted so many surgeries, it is wonderful for her to reap the benefits of this procedure also!”

Helen’s hobbies include sewing and DIY, for which she needs really clear vision, and outside lockdown she loves weekends away and meals out which are both more enjoyable without glasses. She says:

“Working at Optegra, I’ve seen the fantastic results that have been achieved by Mr Rehman and the team, so when the opportunity came for me to receive surgery, I jumped at the chance.

“I couldn’t rave about it more! Apart from being absolutely over the moon with the results, the experience in the hospital was outstanding. The team made me completely as ease, explained what was happening along the way and made sure I was happy and comfortable.”

Helen describes her vision now as fantastic as she can see 20/20 and only wears low strength reading glasses to thread a needle or read tiny writing.

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