Lockdown Saving Unlocks Perfect Vision

27 August 2020

For a Wolverhampton couple who have both struggled with poor vision, the savings from their lockdown lifestyle have given them the motivation and opportunity to correct their eyesight.

Mandy and Denis O’Rourke, aged 53 and 51 respectively, realized that the savings they made from missed holidays, no meals out, no petrol in the car and gym membership cancelled could be used in an amazing way – to restore their vision.

And they opted for a latest version of laser eye surgery with specialist eye hospital group Optegra, perfect for those whose eyes are affected by the natural ageing which can cause the need for reading glasses from age 40 onwards.

The husband and wife duo shared a desperate need for reading glasses, and had been reliant on them for a combined 14 years.

From playing golf, to reading grocery labels in shops, the couple were stuck if they forgot their specs – which they often did. On one occasion, Mandy’s glasses were inside a gym locker, which meant she could not see to unlock the code to get to them!

Mandy explains: “We were so keen and very open to recommendations. We had an initial virtual consultation with our surgeon Mr Amir Hamid, which was so useful. To talk through the opportunities from the comfort of our home, and not have to travel. We are all so used to business meetings online now, this felt very natural and easy.

“Once we also went to the hospital and had our physical assessments, Mr Hamid recommended the same treatment for us – Presbyond, which is a new form of laser eye surgery.

“But while I needed both eyes to be treated, the test revealed my husband had a lazy eye, which he did not know about. So Mr. Hamid recommended, that he would benefit from the treatment in just the one eye, which of course cost half the price of my treatment.  We were so impressed, and it reassured us he was recommending the best treatment for him personally and not thinking about the finance.”

Mandy and Denis travelled to central London to Optegra Eye Hospital London in July for their treatment. On the journey there, Mandy’s devices were all on their largest font size, and specs still needed, Denis relied on his glasses to work.  They both struggled with glasses fogging up over their facemasks.

Yet on the journey home the next day with their new 20/20 vision, they could both read, see views in the distance and use their computers, all with no need for glasses. Mandy quickly reduced her font size and, to Denis’ dismay, made her first online purchase without specs!

As for the treatment, Mandy said it was easier than having her eyelashes tinted, and Denis said he would rather laser eye surgery than going to the dentist.  They were both impressed with the safety measures in place at the hospital due to coronavirus, from temperature checks to social distancing and reduced number of patients at any one time.

 Mr. Amir Hamid, consultant ophthalmic surgeon and Medical Director for Vision Correction at Optegra, said: “We have found that a number of people have decided to proceed with vision correction following lockdown – they have had the time to really prioritise their health and lifestyle needs, as well as saving financially, which combined has given them the opportunity to correct their vision.

“As Mr and Mrs O’Rourke have experienced, life can become frustrating when we depend on glasses which we put on and off all day long, but medical options have increased, and Presbyond is a relatively new treatment which is perfect for this age group.

“While laser eye surgery is often recommended for people in their 20s and 30s, this version is specifically designed and tailored to treat those of us from our 40s whose natural lens hardens with age – and this can affect our focusing power, especially for close-up work.

“It is a brief, pain-free procedure and has fantastic results.”

The couple have just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, and a holiday to the Lake District really captured the ease of life without glasses. Denis now enjoys golf without glasses and Mandy was impressed she could even thread a needle.

Mandy and Denis own their own property services business and have both lived in Wolverhampton all their lives.

Optegra has seven eye hospitals throughout the UK including Birmingham and London. For further information on Presbyond and all vision correction options, you can book a free consultation today.


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