Optegra BBC Short Film: A Focus on Eye Surgery

8 November 2019

In a partnership with the BBC, specialist eye hospital group Optegra Eye Health Care has created a stunning film to showcase its expertise and reach out to new markets overseas as well as patients travelling to the UK for medical treatment.

Working with the BBC British Bid, a global initiative created to demonstrate the best in British business, flying the flag of British excellence, Optegra has opened the door of its flagship Hartley Street district hospital, to capture the range of treatments on offer and the ethos of the hospital.

There are many reasons for people to seek eye surgery: from patients who wish to avoid the hassle of using contact lenses or spectacles to older people who are developing cataracts and other medical conditions to young people ambitious to have careers in the air force or fire service who are held back because of their vision.

Eye surgery, like all other medical treatments, has been studied and refined over the years, with advances in equipment, techniques and training combining to make a patient’s experience far less daunting. Procedures to correct faults in vision that usually require glasses are now a safe and affordable solution for many; other medical procedures are faster, more comfortable, and have better outcomes than before.

Optegra is a leading provider of eye surgery solutions and according to CEO Roberto Cirillo, one of the big stumbling blocks to patients seeking treatment isn’t so much cost as squeamishness. ‘The eye is the most sensitive part of the body,’ says Cirillo. ‘It has been a challenge to make the surgical process not just affordable and safe, but also quick, painless and with a fast recovery time.’

Treatment is opening up possibilities for patients, whether in terms of career or enhancing quality of life through old age, and like all medical organisations, trust is at the heart of what Optegra’s specialist eye hospitals throughout the UK, including Harley Street, offer.

Optegra is a thriving business, and also has a not-for-profit research and development arm: ‘It’s important for us not only to do right by our patients,’ says Cirillo, ‘but also to give back to our own area of medicine.’

With patients throughout the uk and from abroad, optegra offers latest cutting-edge technology to provide vision correction, either through laser eye surgery including its latest form, the revolutionary keyhole laser surgery, or refractive lens exchange, an advanced version of cataract surgery where the lens of the eye is replaced with a personally tailored lens to suit the individual prescription. All medical conditions are also treated under the same one roof, allowing patients access to leading consultants, with specialist expertise, no matter what the eye condition.


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