How to afford laser eye surgery

If you’re interested in having laser eye surgery, it’s only natural to have some concerns about the cost of treatment. There’s no doubt that laser eye surgery is well worth the cost, due to the improvements it can make to your quality of life and overall eye health. But for those of us who aren’t sure how to afford laser eye surgery, what options are available?

The good news is that laser eye surgery can be an affordable option for you, providing that you do your research, focus on saving and find the best payment plan for you. Read on below to find out more about how to pay for laser eye surgery with Optegra.


Our laser eye surgery payment plans

At Optegra, we strive to make high quality laser eye surgery an affordable option for everyone, and our payment plans certainly reflect this. We’ve developed a selection of plans that allow you to pay from as little as £29.91 per month interest-free. Plans are available with 10% or 20% deposits, and if you can’t afford to pay a deposit, there’s also an option to pay nothing upfront.

The larger the deposit you pay, the smaller your monthly payments will be, so it’s worth saving up for that initial deposit. However, if you do choose to pay with no deposit, you can make repayments over up to 4 years, at a low rate of 9.9% APR.

By choosing a repayment plan that is right for you, laser eye surgery really could be more affordable than you think. Our prices are fixed, and include everything from your initial consultation to your aftercare, so you can rest assured that you know exactly what to expect.   


Saving for laser eye surgery

If you don’t have the funds to pay for laser eye surgery right now, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be an option for you. By following some simple money saving tips, you can save up enough to pay for your treatment – an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

The first thing to do is to get a copy of your bank statements and create a spreadsheet detailing all of your spending for the past month. Use different columns for groceries, bills, travel expenses, clothes, household items, going out, and anything else you tend to spend on. Add up all of your spending for each column, and see what you spend the most on. Then have a look at where you could reduce your spending.

You might be surprised when you see how much you spend on non-essentials like new clothes, takeaways or going out, and you could find that you can make some savings in those areas. You could also try to save on your grocery shopping by buying more supermarket brand products, or reduce your travel expenses by walking or cycling to work.

Make an estimate of how much you think you could save each month, and then calculate how many months it will take you to save up a deposit. For example, if you were to have LASIK or LASEK surgery with a 10% deposit, you’d need to save £179.50. You could do this in three months by saving £60 per month, or in six months by saving £30 per month. Once you’ve saved enough for your deposit, we’d recommend continuing to keep some money to one side for the rest of your treatment costs, to ensure that you can keep up with your monthly repayments without needing to worry.  


Cheap laser eye surgery

Many people are attracted by offers of cheap laser eye surgery that they see on deals sites or advertised by companies abroad. While these offers are understandably attractive, when it comes to laser eye surgery it can be dangerous to simply go with the cheapest option. Complications with laser eye surgery are rare if you choose a reputable provider, but in order to keep risks to a minimum it’s important to opt for the best quality care available. Many of the cheap options simply don’t offer this, as their low prices mean that they are forced to cut corners with patient care.

The problems with cheap laser eye surgery apply to treatments both in the UK and abroad. More and more patients are travelling to other countries in Europe, or even as far as South America and Thailand, for elective medical procedures at lower costs. The potential downsides of having surgery abroad include language barriers, lack of transparency about the quality of care and added costs such as accommodation and travel. It is advised that patients do not fly for a week after laser eye surgery, so a procedure which could be completed in around 15 minutes per eye could turn into a trip lasting more than a week. For these reasons, it is often safer and wiser to save up for high-quality treatment in the UK, with expert surgeons who offer comprehensive after care for as long as you need.


Any questions?

If you’ve still got questions about our payment options, or anything else to do with laser eye surgery at Optegra, we’d love to help you clear things up. Come along to one of our open evenings to find out everything you need to know, and get advice from one of our friendly surgeons. Once you’re ready to think about treatment options, come in for a free consultation and your surgeon will put together a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs.


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