Meet The Experts: Pam Tincello

6 September 2021

Please give an overview of your role within Optegra?

A little bit of everything! I go from front of house, to booking patients in for surgery and dealing with complaints and queries. As a line manager, I’m poised to help my team whether that means physically stepping in when they’re not available, to giving them emotional support and implementing practices that benefit the patients and staff alike.


What first attracted you to this industry?

I joined an ophthalmic competitor in 2014 and wondered what on earth I was doing dipping my toes into something I had no idea about. However, this has been the most rewarding sector I’ve joined thus far…eyes are really, really cool!


What brings you joy in your work?

Seeing patients transform from sit nervously in the waiting area and walking out with ease after their ops not long after – it’s incredible how much the work we do instantly changes our patients lives for the better.

I also want to note that my colleagues also bring me immense joy, and I can say I’ve met some people I will consider friends for life in my time here.


What are the most common questions that patients ask you?

When I was still wearing glasses ‘why haven’t you had it done?’, at least that one I don’t have to answer anymore, having had SMILE laser eye surgery last year!

Presuming most patients are a little anxious, how do you reassure them?

I advise them how quick it is, and the benefits that they are going to experience from making this first step into being glasses free. I also tell them that it’s a good thing to be nervous as it shows they care and that it’s important to them.


Greatest achievement/proudest moment of your career?

Winning the Star of the Year at the Optegra Stars awards this year has been a real highlight – I don’t do what I do for someone to pat me on the back constantly to tell me I’ve done a good job. But if someone wants to give me an award then I’m perfectly fine with that!

How would you describe the ethos of Optegra?

We are fast and safe – we have four values that we live by but these two resonate with me. We are ever changing, ever growing but at the heart of it all, our patients are always number one.

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    Most challenging moment in your career?

    My career is just beginning! There are many challenges I face every day; it’s learning from them that’s the important part. I always find a reason to smile, even on the hardest of days.

    Your key/top piece of advice around eye health and protecting vision?

    Everyone should invest in an eye bag – not only do they help relieve dry eye symptoms, but they’re also really relaxing. It gives you a bit of ‘me’ time whilst also giving your eyes some comfort – what could be better?

    Also ditch those contact lenses…get laser instead.


    Your perfect holiday?

    A mix of city exploration and some beach times – chuck in some good coffee and rollercoasters and I’m sorted…think I’ve just basically said Florida, right?

    Any unusual or interesting hobby?

    I’m a member of the Cloud Appreciation society – I love clouds! And the weather in general. There is only one thing on my bucket list, and that is to do a tornado tour in America and be up close with one of them. I know I know, madness. It’s gonna happen though!


    Any unusual or quirky recipe you cook?

    I’m obsessed with Korean food and most Asian cuisine. My go-to meal when it’s late or I don’t have time is Kimchi Ramen but make it fancy. That means adding lots of veggies, extra spice, and my fave – a perfectly fried egg. Fried egg on noodles is the one, try it and tell me it isn’t amazing.

    Pam Tincello – Line Manager, Optegra

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