Clear vision ahead for retired IT professional

10 August 2023

Raymond Kramer, from North London, is now happily retired from a life spent working in IT but still enjoys a few hours each day on his computer – which is when he noticed a change in his vision, which was also affecting his driving.

It was during his regular screen time that he realised words were appearing grey rather than black. “I tried using bold and increasing the font size but the text was still disappearing and looked faint” said Raymond.

There were other issues too: “I had to stop reading because I found it very difficult to see the words without a direct light illuminating the pages. As an advanced driver, I am very happy behind the wheel but had started to notice glare from oncoming headlights.”

Having worn glasses for many decades and trying a combination of both contact lenses and glasses, Raymond visited his optician believing that a tweak of his prescription might correct his vision. However, the routine eye test revealed that he had cataracts in both eyes and he was referred to Optegra Eye Hospital North London in Colindale.

At his appointment, Raymond discovered that he could upgrade from his standard NHS lenses, which may still require reading glasses, to multifocal lenses at Optegra’s central London hospital. “Being someone who truly hated wearing glasses for many years, I loved the idea of being totally free of glasses forever”, he said.

“The procedure was totally painless and I was talking to the surgeon throughout – it was very reassuring to know what was being done at each stage.”

Raymond was treated at Optegra Eye Hospital London by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Mr Alex Shortt.

He says: “Half of people over the age of 60 have cataract and many are completely unaware. The only treatment option is surgery.  However, not all cataract operations are equal and a key aspect of surgery is the choice of lens implant used.

“NHS cataract surgery uses a standard lens which means you are likely to continue to need to wear glasses; In Mr Kramer’s case he selected private cataract surgery.  This allows you to be treated with a tailored lens to suit your prescription, and can lead to a life free of glasses, and cataract, all in one procedure.

“We are so pleased that Mr Kramer has had such an excellent outcome.”

Raymond is delighted with his new, improved vision. “It is now 20/20 and I can honestly say that I really do not remember ever seeing the world as vividly and clearly as I am seeing it now. I can see minute detail and watching television is a revelation – it’s like I have a brand new TV!

“I truly want to thank everyone in the Optegra team for an experience that I will never forget and will enjoy for the rest of my life. The results have truly been much better than I had ever dreamed they could be.”


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