From Rugby to Razor Sharp

6 December 2023

Ben Fraser, 31, from Rugby, likes to keep active but found that wearing glasses was slowing him down.

“I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember” explains Ben. “I only started wearing contact lenses recently during my 10-year stint in the Royal Marines as it was more practical – I couldn’t have glasses sliding down my face or getting broken during exercises.

“I also play a lot of rugby, which is challenging whilst wearing glasses. They just didn’t fit in with the life I was leading.”

Ben investigated options for laser eye surgery and booked a consultation at Optegra Eye Hospital Surrey, which was close to where his parents live. “I read a few articles which gave me reassurance that it was the right decision.”

Ben’s surgery took place at his local Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire. “Everyone at Optegra was amazing – made me feel at ease and talked through the whole procedure. It just felt right to be there.”

Having left the military, Ben is now a Blacksmith and finds work so much easier with his perfect vision. “I can lean over without my glasses falling off! I can’t believe how well I can see, it’s fantastic.

“Having surgery at Optegra has really helped to build my confidence and I now feel like the person I was supposed to be.”


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