Optegra Eye Clinic Uttoxeter Transforms The Vision Of Elizabeth Owen, 87

27 June 2023

For Elizabeth Owen from Marchington, Uttoxeter, a visit to a new eye clinic has transformed her vision.

For the first time in many years, Elizabeth no longer needs to wear glasses for driving or TV.  She also enjoys volunteering in the local shop which she enjoys a couple of times a week.

At age 87, Elizabeth has had cataract surgery at Optegra Eye Clinic Uttoxeter, which offers NHS treatment within just a few weeks of referral.

She explains: “I was first told by my optician about four or five years ago that I had cataracts, but they did not seem to bother me for a few years.  Then all of a sudden over the last 12 months I have noticed a deterioration in my vision.  It became a bit cloudy, things are not as clear as they used to be.

“I still drive, mainly locally, and it is important to me to keep my independence, so I was keen to have my eyes treated.  I was offered to have treatment as this new, local clinic – much easier than having to drive any distance or having to wait for treatment at another hospital.”

Elizabeth, who enjoys volunteering as she gets to meet new people and has made some lovely new friends, also likes to socialize with friends and family and attend village events.  She also enjoys reading and television – and her new vision makes all of this more enjoyable.

One in three adults go on to have cataract surgery, where the natural lens which has become cloudy with age is replaced with a new artificial lens.

The procedure is quick and pain-free. Elizabeth said: “Lots of friends told me it was nothing to worry about so I was not nervous, but I know many people are.  But it was fine! It was all sorted very quickly and the team at Optegra were lovely.”


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