Team Praised Following CQC Inspection

26 August 2022

Our Regional Director for Optegra North, Mat Pickering, has praised every member of staff within Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester as the latest CQC report is classified Good – with no areas of improvement identified.

Mat said: “The fantastic CQC inspection report is testament to every single member of staff over recent years – not only are we classified as ‘Good’ overall, but also for each individual area of inspection.

“I’m also very pleased that the inspectors highlighted the consistency in care which the team provides. They quite rightly felt that from day to day, week to week, month to month patients can be reassured of the same excellent quality of care.

“To have the inspectors here for three days and to give us nothing but amazing feedback on our patient care, our individual staff but also the teamwork – this makes me incredibly proud.

“One of the highlights the inspectors mentioned was the development opportunities which Optegra provides its staff – from the volumes of individuals being promoted, or in training, or becoming multi-skilled within the business, this creates an enthusiastic and supportive team – which translates through to the care we provide our patients.

“I really want to say thank you to every individual member of team within the hospital and to the regional team, this is such great praise for all that you do.”

Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester has developed in recent years both in volumes of patients and treatments, such as Presbyond, a new version of laser eye surgery which provides blended vision at all distances for those in mid-life who develop the need for reading glasses.

Our Didsbury-based hospital has also gone through a period of change due to the pandemic, including increased provision of NHS treatment, the launch of popular new e-Clinics for the convenience of patients, and continued AMD treatments throughout the pandemic.

Richard Armitage, NHS Director for Optegra, said: “This latest CQC report is fantastic news both for our staff and company team, but especially for local patients and our healthcare partners in the community.

“This is reassurance about consistency of high-quality care. The ratings capture how we are safe, well-led, well-run and that we are consistently delivering excellent care and outcomes. Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester is a great resource for the local community, an opportunity for specialist ophthalmic care for the many waiting for NHS cataract surgery, along with individuals eager to be free of contact lenses and glasses.”

Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester has received the latest CQC report classification "Good" – with no areas of improvement identified
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