How Optegra led Judd Trump to victory at the European Masters

As a sportsman, ensuring 20/20 vision is essential, not just for eye health, but for performance and success as well. After admitting he lost games due to poor sight, Judd Trump successfully defended his title in the European Masters on October 8th 2017 after undergoing a successful laser eye surgery treatment.

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As you can imagine, permanently wearing contact lenses through an accomplished 11-year snooker career caused Judd Trump extreme eye strain and dryness. Especially from competing in all-day tournaments at arenas filled with dry air conditioning. Now looking to re-secure his previously held World Number 1 ranking, the stakes have never been higher for Judd, so relying on contact lenses was just not going to cut it anymore. 

After being recommended by his Manager, Django Fung, Optegra are proud to have successfully transformed Judd Trump’s vision through the laser refractive surgery. Laser refractive surgery is a painless procedure, which uses a laser to reshape the eye’s cornea, increasing focus and strengthening clear vision. Following his treatment, Judd described his vision as “absolutely perfect... I think it is the best thing ever”.

Now at the top of his game, Trump has never been more confident in going for precise angled shots. Since there’s such a fine line between a good shot or a bad shot, committing to laser eye surgery didn’t come without concerns. While Judd has considered laser eye surgery for a while, the fear of any potential risks following laser eye surgery prevented him from moving forward with his consultation.

However, Optegra’s world class surgeon, Mr. Sumith Perera, our modern eye health hospitals, and latest technologies provided Judd Trump with the confidence to proceed with Optegra. Optegra’s world-class service has given Judd Trump a new edge against his competitors to defend his title at the European Masters Tournament in Belgium and beyond. We wish him the best of luck in all future Masters and World Championship tournaments.

Not only are we trusted by Judd Trump and recommended by his manager Django Fung, but we’re also the UK’s most trusted eye health provider. We pride ourselves on ensuring every one of our patients receives outstanding results. To find out how we can help you, book your free consultation.

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