3 Reasons Why Optegra is Doctify’s Top Rated Eye Hospital

8 November 2019

#1 Our consultations are bespoke, they fit around your individual eye-health needs

We take a bespoke approach to ensure that each and every one of our customers receives the right advice from our dedicated consultants, so our patients are confident that they are receiving the right treatment for their eye-health needs.

We work around you, which is why our laser eye surgery, cataract removal and lens replacement consultations are free of charge, they are your opportunity to ask all of your questions and receive trusted answers from our world-class specialists.

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    #2 Our innovative facilities and aftercare programme are second to none

    All of our hospitals and clinics and fitted with the most advanced equipment so our patients are reassured that they are receiving the best possible treatment from leading Ophthalmic surgeons. All of our surgeons are Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmogists which means that they are compliant with the finest clinical practice.

    Understanding how best to look after your eyes, once you have had an eye-health treatment, is critical. Our well-rounded aftercare programme not only offers initial aftercare, but we also support you during your long-term recovery to ensure you are back on your feet, and feeling yourself in no time.

    #3 Our levels of dedication and care for each of our patients separates us from our competitors

    At Optegra, we understand how every one of our patients has different eye health needs, so we will be with you from start to finish. Since world-class service requires world-class technologies, we only use the most advanced equipment which means our laser eye surgery procedures are safer and more accurate, with faster recovery and better results.

    Our consultants are also at the fore-front of innovation as they take leading positions in research and development, so they can continue to give patients their chance of living the rest of their lives with 20/20 vision.

    All of our hospitals and clinics are supported by dedicated teams of consultants, technicians, and specialists so you can be assured that you’ll be receiving the highest quality advice, treatment and care every step of the way.

    Start your own conversation with one of our dedicated eye-health team members now by booking your free consultation or come down to one of our Eye Hospital.


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