How To Choose The Right Laser Eye Surgery Provider

Laser eye surgery is a safe, effective and life changing treatment. No wonder then, it is the most common elective procedure performed worldwide, with millions of people opting to see clearly without the need for glasses.

However, with so many providers all claiming to offer the best treatments, it can be confusing to choose the one that is right for your needs.

So, use our checklist below to make sure you research the right criteria to lead you to the best possible laser eye surgery provider.

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A Dedicated Hospital Based Provider Delivers The Highest Standard Of Care

Most providers in the laser eye surgery industry are small clinics. These are often located on local high streets or shopping arcades. Even though laser eye treatment has progressed impressively over the years, it is still a form of surgery and should not be taken lightly.

A dedicated eye hospital group like Optegra not only has immaculate 5 star facilities, but also has world renowned surgeons, the latest technology and the broadest range of suitable treatments. It means we are able to offer the most suitable treatment option for your unique situation – something that small clinics cannot always do.

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Does The Provider Offer The Latest, 3rd Generation SMILE Treatment?

You may not have heard of SMILE. It is the most advanced, and latest form of laser eye surgery. It offers may benefits over the more traditional LASIK treatment, and could be a better option for some laser eye surgery candidates. Many clinics will not offer their patients SMILE – because they do not have the expensive technology, or surgical expertise to do so.

In fact, some clinics operate with older and less accurate technology. Make sure when you choose a provider that they offer this treatment type – the latest technology will help you get the truly outstanding outcomes that you’re looking for.

Optegra Eye Hospital

Choosing An Experienced, Well Renowned NHS Trained Surgeon

A top surgeon who has been NHS trained, and has many procedures under their belt is a vital consideration. All Optegra surgeons are hand picked experts in their field, NHS trained and Fellows of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Smaller clinics will be less able to attract the highest pedigree of surgical talent in the way a dedicated eye hospital group like Optegra can. See the Optegra surgeon directory for a list of our talented surgeons.

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Has The Provider Won Awards & Accolades

The internet now has many independent consumer sites like Trustpilot, and in the medical space, Doctify. These sites offer insights and reviews by real patients and it is worth checking to see how any laser eye provider is rated on there.


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Can You Visit The Facilities Where You Will Be Treated?

Providers should offer you a free, in depth one on one consultation. This means you can get expert assessment and advice on your suitability for laser eye surgery. However, beyond that, you should look out for a provider who is proud to showcase their facilities. Some small clinics are run down, with less than ideal treatment facilities that they are keen not to showcase.

At Optegra, we are so proud of our 5 star hospitals and brilliant staff that we openly invite anyone to visit us. Not only can you get a tour of the hospital where you will be treated, but you can ask questions to our expert surgeons in a friendly, informal setting.

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Is The Provider Recommended By GP’s & Optometrists?

Medical professionals have unique insights about the ideal places for patients to be treated. Optegra are recommended by opticians and GP’s up and down the length of the country.

The reason we are so highly recommended by our peers boils down to our incredible, state of the art facilities, world renowned surgeons and outstanding outcomes. It means they are comfortable in recommending us to patients who are suitable and have a desire for laser eye surgery.


Is The Provider An Authority On All Eye Health Matters?

The eye is a complex organ. While most clinics are only able to advise on laser eye surgery, it is most beneficial to choose a provider who is able to diagnose and treat any eye condition.

At Optegra, while we specialise in laser eye surgery, our exceptional surgical expertise means we are able to treat an A – Z of eye conditions.

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