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Lens replacement (Clarivu) is a sophisticated development of cataract surgery, the world’s most frequently performed surgical procedure.

Clarivu, the name of our lens replacement surgery, is a sophisticated development of cataract surgery, the world’s most frequently performed surgical procedure. Clarivu eye lens replacement surgery, also known as Refractive Lens Exchange, Refractive Lens Replacement or Clear Lens Surgery, is a procedure where the natural lens of the eye is permanently replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). This proven procedure has been performed thousands of times and typically takes just 20 minutes per eye.

Eye Lens Replacement Surgery Explained

Your Consultant Ophthalmic Lens Surgeon will choose a lens customised to your vision and lifestyle needs. This artificial replacement lens could provide the benefit of being able to focus on near, intermediate and far objects, as previously provided by glasses or contact lenses. It can even correct astigmatism.

How is Optegra’s Clarivu lens replacement surgery different from standard cataract surgery?

During cataract surgery, the eye’s cloudy natural lens is replaced typically with a monofocal lens. This usually provides good distance vision but means you will still be reliant on reading glasses after the procedure. A lens replacement operation with a multifocal lens could correct long or shortsightedness at the same time. So, you could consider cataract refractive surgery which removes your cataract and includes an eye lens replacement surgery procedure to help you eliminate or reduce your dependence on glasses.

The Optegra Clarivu lens replacement surgery package

Inside our dedicated eye hospitals, our recognised lens replacement surgery experts will assess your individual needs and deliver a precision treatment using state-of-the-art technology – helping to improve your vision, so you can live a fuller life.

Our commitment to helping you see more extends to our pricing. Whatever your prescription, our prices are fixed and include the following:

  • All diagnostic eye assessments
  • An advanced technology artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected to suit you by your Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
  • The procedure and post-operative care undertaken in an Optegra eye hospital
  • All aftercare related to the procedure, including any further top up laser surgery required to achieve your required visual goals

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