Eye donations: what stops people?

An interview with Rory Passmore - UK Managing Director of Optegra Eye Health Care.

Please can you outline the main findings of the recent research by Optegra on organ donations? What did this reveal about eyes and how does this compare to other organs?

Despite a shortage of corneas for transplant purposes, our new research reveals that eyes are the one body part we are least likely to donate.

While more than a quarter (26 per cent) of British adults interviewed by Optegra Eye Health Care (www.optegra.com) have registered for organ donation, almost two thirds (64 per cent) state they would not donate their eyes for transplant. They are far more likely to agree to donate their heart, kidney and lungs.

When asked which body parts people would donate for transplant or medical research, 51 per cent stated kidney, 49 per cent liver, 48 per cent heart and 47 per cent lungs.

Yet only 36 per cent would donate their cornea……..

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