Clear cataract-free vision is music to pianist’s ears

When a developing cataract affected his ability to read music, musician and retired music teacher, Yorkshire man Brian Pearson, knew immediate action was needed.

Thanks to cataract surgery with Mr James Ball, consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital, Brian’s vision is now as clear as a bell and reading music comes naturally once more.

Brian, age 74, explained: “Music is a big part of my life.  My career was spent teaching music and now in retirement I get an enormous amount of pleasure from playing the piano and bassoon. I enjoyed 20/20 vision into my 40s and it was only in my 50s that I started wearing reading glasses due to age.  So when my vision started to become misty and it was getting harder and harder to read music it was awful.  The right eye was doing all the work, with the left eye simply trailing behind and I knew something was wrong.

“When my optician confirmed that there was a cataract developing on the left eye and my glasses could not help, I decided that it had to be removed and the sooner the better.”

Brian, who is from Brandsby in North Yorkshire, chose Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital because his wife was being treated there and friends had recommended it.  After his initial consultation with Mr Ball he went straight ahead with cataract surgery on the left eye, with fantastic results.

Brian said: “The cataract was removed very swiftly and comfortably.  I was looked after really well and I was amazed that there was absolutely no pain. But what’s more amazing is how everything changed after surgery.  The first thing I noticed was how bright everything is.  It’s like taking a glaze off an old picture and revealing all the colours.  You simply don’t realise how much things have faded until the cataract is removed and the dramatic contrast is revealed.  It’s incredible what we can live with unnecessarily and I’m so pleased that I didn’t allow it to continue.”

In fact, when a cataract later started to develop on the right eye Brian didn’t hesitate in having it removed by Mr Ball at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mr James Ball, ophthalmic surgeon at Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital, said: “Treating cataracts is one of the most commonly performed procedures worldwide, yet many people still seem to put up with cataracts and the associated side effects such as cloudy vision and glare around lights, particularly driving at night, rather than treating the problem as quickly as possible. I was so pleased to be able to help Mr Pearson who was determined that his eyesight would not let him down – a great attitude to have!”

Brian concludes: “A lot of people my age must have these problems and simply live with the mist, without realising how quick and painless cataract surgery actually is.”

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