Optegra launches new cataract advertising campaign

Leading eye hospital group, Optegra, is this month launching a new advertising campaign to raise awareness of the latest treatment options available to cataract patients.

Having recently appointed top advertising firm Ogilvy and Mather Group UK, Optegra is proud to be launching a striking and clear new campaign which cleverly captures the many leisure and practical activities which can become difficult with a cataract affecting vision; from playing cards, crosswords and Sudoku, to painting, cooking, driving, texting and telling the time.

The campaign creative is the outcome of detailed consumer research which Optegra commissioned, and which exposed a lack of awareness of treatment options and opportunities to treat beyond the NHS as well as general misunderstanding of the condition.

The research with adults in Manchester and London was fascinating, and in particular exposed a lack of knowledge surrounding cataracts – which is frightening considering the incidence is so high in UK adults.

In particular many people still believe that a cataract is a film or layer of skin growing over the eye, and a lot of people still believe you have to wait for a cataract to be ‘ripe’ before it can be removed.  Also, many mistakenly thought that having a cataract procedure would automatically free them from wearing glasses.

When they realised that they would still need reading glasses, many were then interested in the merits of refractive lens exchange, such as Optegra’s ClarivuTM package, as an option both to remove their cataract and reduce dependence on glasses.

The new advertising campaign is based around a model of an eye, created by Ogilvy & Mather, and to be displayed in the future as a striking piece of art at Optegra.

The core message is that people do not have to put up with cloudy or blurred vision due to cataract, but that femtosecond laser cataract treatment can free them to enjoy their world without cataracts again with a range of lens options depending on their lifestyle needs.

The new campaign will initially appear in a range of trade and consumer titles over the coming three months, such as Saga, Daily Telegraph, Reader’s Digest; as well as within a direct marketing campaign in geographic areas surrounding Optegra’s six UK hospitals.

Optegra is also creating an advertorial campaign which dispels the many myths around cataract to encourage early eye examinations for those experiencing symptoms.

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