Optegra roadshow invites you to explore the future of eye health

16 September 2015… Optegra Eye Health Care announces today that it is launching a regional roadshow to tour its UK hospitals and reach out to local ophthalmologists, opticians and GPs.

As experts in the full spectrum of ophthalmology, Optegra’s roadshow will explore the future of eye health care with guest speaker, the respected and influential futurist Dr Patrick Dixon[i].

Dr Patrick Dixon is often described in the media as Europe’s leading futurist and is an acclaimed author, business consultant and chairman of the trends forecasting company Global Change Ltd.
Designed to share information about each hospital’s offering the roadshow will give an overview of Optegra’s facilities and expertise, whilst also providing an insight to the patient’s perspective.  To this end, Optegra will welcome Julian Jackson, senior advisor from Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading charity that funds pioneering eye research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease [ii]

Julian lost his sight completely in 2010 as a result of inheriting a retinal degenerative disease, retinitis pigmentosa.  and so he has a personal as well as a professional interest in the outcomes which eye research will achieve over time. He will talk about living with sight loss, the collaboration with Optegra - which was developed earlier this year - and the vital research that Fight for Sight is currently funding across the country.
Rory Passmore, Managing Director for Optegra UK, says: “We hope this roadshow will give an opportunity to bring together a variety of industry professionals in each of the regions where we have Optegra hospitals.  It promises to be an interesting and thought-provoking evening as we hear from eye health experts and individuals who are living with sight loss; and of course debate the future of eye health – from changes in management of eye health and some provocative scenarios to contemplate.”
Julian Jackson, Fight for Sight’s Senior Advisor, added: “Thanks to Optegra for giving us a platform to communicate the vital eye research that the charity is funding.  We want to enthuse and encourage people about eye research and raise the importance of the ongoing fight against sight loss and the critical need to continue funding this type of research.”
Respected futurist Dr Patrick Dixon will draw on his expertise in a number of executive positions in multiple health care companies.  He says: "Expect astonishing progress in restoring and improving sight over the next two decades, ranging from new kinds of replacement lenses, to repair of the retina itself using stem cells."

Patrick has led discussions and given future insights on topics including the future of health care, hospitals, medicine, doctors, physicians, nurses and medical training; how latest research into cancer, stroke, heart disease will change our lives; the future of pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry; and the role of adult stem cells in organ regeneration and repair of heart, brain, eyes and other tissues.

Dr Patrick Dixon is launching his new book “The Future of Almost Everything” this autumn and all attendees will be given a free, signed copy of his book at the event.
The roadshow takes place from 6.30 pm in the following locations:
Optegra Eye Health Care Roadshow
24 September:    Manchester
30 September:    Birmingham
6 October:           Hampshire (Southampton)
14 October:          North London
15 October:          Surrey (Guildford)
22 October:         Leeds
To find out more or to reserve a place please visit: http://www.activateevents.com/optegra/
[i] You can find out more about Patrick Dixon at http://www.globalchange.com/
[ii] Optegra selected UK charity Fight For Sight as its corporate charity in 2015.  Fight for Sight is the leading UK charity dedicated to funding pioneering research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease.

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