Pioneering eye operation changes life of Nelson businessman

Nelson resident Martin Baldwin’s struggle with floaters (dots, shadows or long strands blocking everyday vision and disturbing clear sight at all times) began three years ago following emergency surgery for a torn retina. After the surgery, large floaters formed in his eyes.  The news that nothing could be done to  get rid of the floaters was devastating as it impacted every aspect of his life as the floaters were always right in his centre of vision.  There was no escape from them.  This particularly impacted his driving and work on the computer which was critical as the managing director of a local business.

Martin tried possible treatments for floaters but they only seemed to make the issue worse.  The seeming reality that he would never have clear vision again caused Martin to become very depressed.  When he discovered a procedure called floater vitrectomy, he was more than prepared to travel to America to undergo the treatment as he was so desperate to be rid of the floaters.   Much to his joy, he came across Mr Niall Patton of Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital, who has had remarkable success with this procedure here in the UK.

Impressed by Mr Patton’s expertise and professionalism, and his success rate for floater vitrectomy, Martin underwent the procedure and is now floater free and is once again enjoying life.

Martin Baldwin, 56, managing director of a mobility aid company in Lancashire, suffered for three years with floaters, and became desperate to find a solution.  He explains: “After previous emergency eye surgery for retinal problems, I was left with floaters and told I had to just put up with them.  But it felt like a cloud over my central vision, and I would move my eyes around to shift the cloud, but it would pop straight back into the centre of my eye. It’s as though it was on a piece of elastic and would always ping back into place.

“Having always had great vision, it was incredibly frustrating to have this affecting my computer work, my driving, everything I did.  I was even contemplating going to America to explore treatment options, when I discovered Niall Patton at Optegra. It was a life changing operation for me – these floaters were driving me mad, I could not escape them, and now thanks to this new procedure I can see as well as I could in my twenties!”

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