Three quarters of Londoners suffer sore eyes due to city lifestyle

New research reveals that over three quarters (77 percent) of Londoners suffer from sore and tired eyes, and the leading cause (cited by 37 percent) is the dust and wind on tube platforms.

The new research[i], commissioned to mark the opening this week of brand new specialist eye hospital, Optegra Eye Hospital, London, exposes the main causes of eye irritation for the majority of Londoners.

For over a third, the office environment is to blame, with 35 percent citing long hours at work, raising to almost half (48 percent) amongst  25 – 34 year olds.

A third (33 percent) state their sore, tired eyes are due to artificial lighting in their work space, and a quarter (25 percent) blame air con in office buildings.

In addition, general smog and pollution was considered the cause of sore eyes for a third (32 percent) of Londoners.

Further irritants for a quarter of Londoners include rubbing eyes after touching dirty surfaces (26 percent) and staring at smartphones and other small screen technology for too long (24 percent).

Sundeep Kheterpal, Director of Laser Cataract Surgery, and one of the ophthalmic surgeons at the new Optegra Eye Hospital, London, said: “Living in any city can be an exciting experience, but there can be a downside, as the research has shown – only 23 percent of Londoners do not suffer from sore or tired eyes. Our eyes are one of the most precious senses, and yet they suffer such a great deal!

“My tips for Londoners are to avoid eye rubbing and to wash hands thoroughly and frequently.  Always remember to blink regularly when using the computer screen and take regular breaks. Do let as much natural light into your workspace as possible and try to ensure that the atmosphere where you work does not become too dry by using humidifiers or simply placing vases or other water containers near you.”

The new Optegra Eye Hospital London, based in North West London, opens its doors this week with a leading team of ophthalmic consultants.  Dedicated entirely to eye health, all Optegra  hospitals are equipped with a full range of high technology diagnostic and surgical equipment, and each hospital offers a consultant-led approach to eye care, where every patient meets an expert to discuss and agree their bespoke eye treatment.

In addition to ClarivuTM, Optegra’s exclusive permanent lens replacement  procedure for the over 50’s, Optegra Eye Hospital, London will also offer refractive laser eye surgery and a full range of treatments for cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, vitreo-retinal conditions and oculoplastics.

The public can find out more, or book a consultation, by calling 0800 358 0825 or visiting

[I] Research carried out by TNS Omnibus, LondonBus, from 11th – 16th October 2012, with a sample of 1032 London Borough adults aged 16+ were interviewed.

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