‘Contemporary IOL & laser refractive surgery – innovations & expectations’ BCLA Workshop held at Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital

Report by Dr Clare O’Donnell

7th June 2014, 9.00-10.30AM

Presenters: Jay Dermott, Christa Gore, Brian Hallsworth, Andreas Hartwig, Michelle Hanratty, Louise Stainer, Richard Walsh, Clare O’Donnell


This innovative hands-on workshop was enjoyed by delegates from all over the world.  Optometrists, ophthalmologists and optician delegates attended Optegra Birmingham Eye Hospital early on Saturday morning and were treated to a workshop experience comprising a wet lab (with the opportunity to try out phacoemulsification) as well as the chance to talk to and examine patients who have had a range of refractive procedures (including laser vision correction, INTACS and multifocal intraocular lens implantation).  Delegates were also invited to try out state-of-the-art biometry and diagnostic techniques.

An overview presentation reviewed the various options now available for patients interested in laser or intraocular lens refractive surgery. A detailed overview of phacoemulsification was given by Brian Hallsworth (Zeiss Academy) and delegates were offered the chance to create a corneal incision, perform a capsulorrhexis and carry out phacoemulsification on model eyes.

Tips on patient selection were offered and pre- and post-operative assessment procedures were outlined by the Optegra Eye Sciences team.  A series of scenarios was presented as an interactive quiz and delegates were asked to select which options they felt were most appropriate for each scenario.  Delegates were given an explanation of how to calculate intraocular lens power using different formulae. This was a welcome addition to the extensive BCLA Conference Education Programme.  Feedback from attendees was excellent.