How Our Shared Care Scheme Works

Optegra’s Shared Care scheme is designed for Optometry experts to deliver a care program with a dedicated eye care provider for their private patients. By partnering with your local Optegra Eye Hospital, a pathway of seamless continuity of patient care is created. This gateway ensures your private patients return to you after their surgery for post-operative care, providing a unified approach to primary and secondary eyecare. We believe that Optegra’s Shared Care guarantees patients receive the best possible treatment from start to finish.

The core principle of the scheme is that we work together to provide an aligned care pathway for patients seeking private eyecare surgery, whether it be cataract removal, vision correction or RLE. By engaging with this pathway, there’s clearly a benefit to the care of our shared patients and following surgery you would provide a post-surgery check-up which Optegra will pay you a service fee for.

The service fees are as follows:

  • Post VC follow-up – £100 per eye
  • Post Cataract Removal follow-up – £125 per eye
  • Post RLE follow-up – £150 per eye