Keeping it in the family!

An entire Chorley family have all had vision correction surgery at Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital within the space of six months – after decades in glasses and contacts!

Roy Dixon (57) started wearing glasses 27 years ago and used lenses and glasses every day. He was struggling to read with either and was frustrated switching between the two.

His wife Jennifer (54) spotted an advert for ClarivuTM permanent lens exchange and thought it was too good to be true! They went to an Open Evening at Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital in Didsbury to find out more.

Roy says: “We were shown around the hospital and met Mr Quah, who became our consultant. We found it reassuring to see the surroundings and, after an initial free consultation, discovered we were both suitable for Clarivu. We decided to go for it!

Optegra Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Say Aun Quah, says: “I have treated many husbands and wives but this is the first time I have treated the entire family! Jennifer had the more complicated prescription, as well as astigmatism, so I was able to make her a special lens and the procedures were very successful.”

Roy can’t believe the improvement: “We have a deep red sofa at home and it looks amazing now, the colours are so much brighter! I can read clearly without glasses, as can Jennifer. We recently enjoyed a holiday in Mexico and I can’t tell you how brilliant it was to jump in and out of the pool without having to worry about lenses.”

Meanwhile, their son Matthew, 29, had seen how successful the surgery had been for his parents. As a keen sportsman, playing badminton and football regularly, he too was eager to enjoy life without the glasses and lenses he had worn since his late teens. He booked in for laser eye surgery in September 2014 and is also now free of glasses and lenses.

Not to be outdone by the rest of the family, daughter Hannah, 27, decided that she too wanted laser surgery. She attended the Northern Ballet School followed by a two year stint travelling the world, dancing in stage productions and musicals aboard a cruise ship. This involved lots of heavy make-up which often irritated her eyes.

Now working as a Zumba instructor, Hannah was finding it difficult wearing lenses all the time as glasses whilst working were not possible. She booked in for laser eye surgery at Optegra Manchester Eye Hospital in December 2014.

Roy concludes: “We are all delighted to be glasses free – there’s only the dog left now!”

For more information or a free Clarivu consultation please visit or call Tel: 0800 086 1064.


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