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Rockstar Gets Perfect Vision Following LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Cannock guitarist Adam Saunders has been a key member of local rock band Almost Easy for a decade – but one thing has been holding him back from enjoying his musical lifestyle to the full.

Since age 14 he realized his vision was not as good as it should be and has depended on glasses ever since. Now, at age 25, he has got to the point of needing to wear them all day, every day.

He says: “I just cannot see without them – everything is a blur. It’s okay playing the guitar in glasses, but when it comes to performing in the band and going on tour, it was not good! Playing rock music can get quite sweaty and we all move a lot – so they would move on my face or fall off. Once I took them off, they fell off the amp and I ended up standing on them. It was so frustrating!”

Almost Easy, a four piece rock band, all from Cannock, have recently come back from a tour of the UK where they performed many gigs and travelled the UK in a van – it was this prospect that prompted Adam to have laser eye surgery.

He went to Optegra Eye Hospital Birmingham for a consultation with surgeon Mr Mark Wevill – who recommended that LASIK laser eye surgery would be the most suitable treatment.

Mr Wevill explained: “Adam had a strong prescription, he was short sighted with astigmatism which meant he was dependent on glasses from the moment he woke up. He had tried contact lenses but his vision was not great with them.

“LASIK, the most popular form of laser eye surgery, uses computer technology in a fast procedure to improve the eye’s focusing power. This is an ideal treatment for many people aged 18 to 55.

“And I’m so pleased Adam is able to enjoy life, especially his rock and roll, without glasses.”

Adam himself now describes his vision as perfect and says it has made a big difference to his playing in the band. He says his new vision has enabled him to now fully enjoy the gigs and touring, without worrying about not being able to see.

As well as music it also makes his work as a builder easier – he used to struggle with glasses, hard hat and dusk mask all at the same time – and can now enjoy his two year old son even more without him snatching his glasses all the time.

Adam can also now enjoy swimming, water parks and theme parks – unlike previous times when he has had to do the roller coaster blind and be at a water park unable to see for the full day.

Adam was excited and a little nervous about having the treatment but says it was pain free and he appreciated his surgeon’s relaxed manner.

Almost Easy have weekly rehearsal and regular gigs and are looking forward to touring again next year and releasing another album. Adam says having eye surgery has enabled him to be able to do all of this.

Optegra Eye Health Care, whose hospitals include Aston in Birmingham, is a specialist provider of ophthalmic services in the UK, Czech Republic and Poland. It operates 21 eye hospitals and clinics, bringing together leading edge research, medical expertise and state-of-the-art surgical equipment.  Its top ophthalmic surgeons are renowned for their areas of expertise, offering excellent clinical outcomes.


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