Am I suitable for corneal cross-linking?

Corneal cross-linking (CCL) is a treatment for keratoconus. It’s now the preferred treatment over gas permeable contact lenses, as it’s a one-off procedure that can prevent the keratoconus from progressing further.

CCL uses specialised vitamin B2 eye drops and ultra-violet light to stabilise the cornea. It may be a suitable treatment for you if:

  • A scan of your corneal shape shows that your keratoconus is getting worse
  • You’re at particularly high risk of your keratoconus getting worse
  • You’re not affected by natural, age-related cross-linking

It is worth noting that CCL treatment is not often recommended for patients in their mid-30s and above, as keratoconus usually stops getting worse by this age.

At Optegra, we understand that every case is different, which is why it is our ophthalmic surgeons who will make the final decision on your eligibility. If they do find that cross-corneal linking does not fit your eye health needs, they will be able to offer you more suitable options.

Find out whether CCL is right for you today by booking a private, no-obligation consultation with one of our leading specialists. Alternatively, you can attend one of our open evenings where we can answer all of your general queries.

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