Am I suitable for cataract surgery?

Am I suitable for cataract surgery

Book a consultation with one of our leading ophthalmic surgeons to determine whether cataract surgery could be right for you. They will run a detailed assessment to help you find the best course of treatment, and if you find you are not able to have cataract surgery, they will advise you on another solution, taking your needs and lifestyle into account.
From colours appearing faded to problems with bright lights, there are a number of cataract symptoms to be aware of. If you notice any of them, you should book an appointment with an ophthalmic consultant as soon as possible. Cataracts will get gradually worse as time passes, so there is no time to wait.
You are likely to be accepted for cataract surgery if your eyes are generally in good shape and you do not have any other type of serious eye condition that impacts your vision. However, the only way to know for sure if you are a suitable candidate for cataract surgery is to book an appointment with an ophthalmic surgeon.

Cataract surgery with Optegra

Book a consultation with us, and one of our experienced consultants will carry out an in-depth assessment to find out whether cataract surgery is right for your needs. They will answer any queries you may have and talk you through what the operation entails.
You’ll see the same ophthalmic surgeon throughout the entire process, from your consultation to surgery and aftercare, so your treatment will be tailored to your needs at every step of the way.
At Optegra, we offer fixed prices for cataract surgery with numerous financing options available, so paying for your surgery is as straightforward as possible.

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