retinal detachment

What is a retinal detachment?

A retinal detachment is where the thin, light sensitive layer at the back of the eye becomes separated from the wall of the eye.

What is the treatment?

Every patient is unique, so we offer a detailed consultation with one of our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons to determine suitability, answer all your questions and explain the treatment options.

Vitrectomy: surgical removal of the vitreous. Gas is then used to fill the vitreous cavity and to push the detached retina back against the eye wall. The area around the hole is sealed using either laser or cryotherapy to form a permanent scar. The gas bubble reabsorbs spontaneously and the scarring prevents re-detachment. This is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. Read more

Scleral buckling: tiny silicone bands or sponge material indent the eye wall, pushing it in towards the detaching retina. help to reduce the amount that the vitreous gel pulls on the retina (vitreous traction). A vitrectomy may also be necessary followed by laser or cryotherapy to produce a permanent seal around the retinal tears. Read more


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